Waiver Wire – Week 4

Posted: September 22, 2014 in Waiver Wire Week 4

Fantasy sports championships are often decided by those who frequently visit their league’s waiver wire and drop some sweet, sweet FAAB. – Abraham Lincoln

It just doesn’t get any more honest than that, folks. You’re welcome for the history lesson. Keep reading for a future lesson or three. This week I’m looking at some players who showed out during week 3 and should be available in your league, and others who qualify for a grab and stash as they wait for their time to shine.

All percentages are based on Yahoo! ownership.
FAAB figures are based on a $100 budget.
All opinions are my own and roughly 78% unfounded.
All quotes are 98% fabricated.
57% of all statistics were made up instantaneously.

Now let’s get started.

Kirk Cousins 48% owned – $43
I’m still kicking myself for not bidding enough on this guy. Cousins absolutely shredded the Philly D on Sunday and I don’t see him slowing down or relinquishing the job to RGIII, healthy or not. Go. Get. Him.

Blake Bortles 5% owned – $9
Welp, that didn’t take long. After planning to keep him out for most or all of 2014, the Jaguars announced after the game that Bortles will be their guy for the rest of this year. Think garbage time yards and scores. And then think, “I should stop reading this and go pick him up. Like, now.”

Teddy Bridgewater 3% owned – $3
Teddy’s the consolation prize for those of you that miss out on Cousins and Bortles. I don’t know what to expect of him, but he looked somewhere between meh and average against New Orleans when he was pressed into duty after Cassel’s injury. Cassel should be out for a while, and that means Teddy gets playing time. Get him if you need him, but don’t go crazy.

Alfred Blue 24% owned – $7
Blue rewarded those that scooped him up once it was announced that Foster was going to miss on Sunday. I don’t know how much play he gets going forward, but I think he’s certainly worth the add if you have room on your bench. Or if you own Foster.

LeGarrette Blount 20% owned – $5
Blount looked to be in vintage form on Sunday, barreling over a beat up Panthers defense for 100 yards on 10 carries and a TD. He’s Bell’s backup, but the dude still punishes defenders and is worth a look.

Lorenzo Taliaferro 7% owned – $3
Pierce looked good against Pittsburgh and then he went and got himself injured and missed the game, thusly opening the door for Taliaferro.Tali looked like a monster on Sunday. Pierce is still said to be the starter going forward, but I think Tali will cut into his touches significantly. 

Lache Seastrunk 0% owned (100% speculation) – $1
Seastrunk looked silly good in the preseason, but didn’t make the final cut and wound up in Carolina (by way of their practice squad). He has drawn comparisons to Darren Sproles (wowza!) and with both Jonathan Stewart and Mike Tolbert sustaining injuries in Sunday’s embarrassing, putrid, gut-wrenching, loss to Pittsburgh, the Panthers might need to make a move and get this kid active. 32-team leaguers, rejoice! 

Andrew Hawkins 41% owned – $16
The Baby Hawk strikes again! This kid has to find the end zone at some point, doesn’t he? He’s being targeted like a madman (32 times in 3 games, in case you were wondering) he just hasn’t hit pay dirt yet. And that, my friends, may be the only reason he’s still available in so many leagues. I feel like I’ve used this already (I’m too lazy to scroll up and check) but, Go. Get. Him.

Jordan Matthews 18% owned – $2
He didn’t vomit on the field this time, but he did score 2 TDs on a couple of redzone targets and hauled in 8 balls for 59 yards. He was the 3rd-ish WR coming into this game and didn’t do anything for the first two weeks, but maybe he opened some eyes tonight and will get more looks in a high-powered, 900 plays-a-game offense.

Marvin Jones 15% owned – $4
Jones has been hurt this season and that’s hurting his standing on the depth chart with AJ Green, Mohamed Sanu, and super freak WR Andy Dalton ahead of him, but once he comes back (Week 5?), he should get back to his usual red zone targets.

Miles Austin 11% owned – $3
20 targets in 3 games. He’s going to end up being the 3rd option (and eventually the 4th if they ever let Josh Gordon back on the field) but he’s worth a look for weeks 5-11 if you need some help.

Josh Gordon 62% owned – $25
SEGWAY! I know, I know, he’s over 50% owned. But he’s not at 100% yet so I still feel the need to tell you to go get this guy. I know it might be hard to stash an unusable player on the end of your bench (I’m doing it in a 16-TEAM LEAGUE!), but this guy is the 2nd best in the game and just might win you a championship.

John Brown 8% owned – $1
This is more of a deep-league play, but the guy has 3 TDs in three games. I’ll let him see the end of my bench (except that’s where Josh Gordon sits).

Niles Paul 43% owned – $13
Nobody knows when Jordan Reed’s coming back (or how long he stays once he returns) and Paul has been playing very well so, if he’s out there, he’s definitely worth a grab.

Larry Donnell 39% owned – $10
Eli Manning loves Tight Ends. Wait. Eli Manning loves throwing footballs to people that play Tight End. There, that’s better. 5 or more catches in each game and 23 (!) targets so far. That’s too much focus on one Tight End. Dah. I give up. 

Owen Daniels 26% owned – $9
Dennis Pitta.. Godspeed, sir. Daniels came in for Dennis Pitta (who had surgery Monday on his hip) and secured his only target. Based on his 2 TD performance last week and what he’s done in the past, he’s worth the add going forward if you need a TE.

And there you have it, folks.

Remember, use this list if you have a player that’s:
A) Injured
B) Terrible
C) On a bye week
D) All of the above

I strongly suggest dropping some FAAB money on one (or more, if the sky fell on your roster this weekend) of these players if they are available and you have a need or an injury-prone guy that you didn’t handcuff in your draft. Always be on the lookout for a chance to upgrade your team.

Be like Abraham Lincoln. Go win championships.

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