Week 4 Start/Sit

Posted: September 27, 2014 in Uncategorized

It’s week 4 and that means one thing: bye week chaos. Six teams are catching a breather this weekend and that is less-than-excellent news for most people’s lineups. If you’re one of those people, check out my Waiver Wire column to see if there may be a bye-week replacement or three that can help you out, then maybe come back and finish reading this column. I’ll wait.

Panthers @ Ravens

Kelvin Benjamin This guy just gets it done. Baltimore has been susceptible to the passing game (25th overall in Pass YPG) and Benji is the best option Carolina has. On a limb, I’ll say he crosses the century mark and the goal line.

DeAngelo Williams Because who else is going to run the ball for Carolina? Cam Newton? 

Steve Smith It’s strange to put this on the Baltimore side. Also, blood and guts. This will be Smitty’s best game of the year. Start him. Yes, over that player. Uh huh, over that one, too.

Owen Daniels Carolina’s defensive backfield looked lost last week against Pittsburgh. They only have linebackers and defensive linemen. They have you and me starting at cornerback. *Puts on shoulder pads* C’mon, we’re going to be late.

Cam Newton As a Newton owner (and Panther fan), it’s quite difficult to tell you to sit the main guy. But, alas, he is still injured and he’s playing like it. Balty gives up some nice YPG through the air, but I’m sitting him unless he’s all I’ve got.

Bernard Pierce And anybody else that plans to run the ball for Baltimore. I know the Panthers just got ravaged on the ground by Pittsburgh, but that makes me even more certain that it won’t happen again. Sit your Ravens RBs.

Packers @ Bears

Jordy Nelson ARod’s favorite target should take advantage of Peanut Tillman’s absence from Chicago’s secondary. I think it’s another catch-fest for him as he approaches double-digit receptions and over 100 yards.
Eddie Lacy It’s hard to trust this guy so far, but I think he bounces back in a big way this week against a leaky Bears run defense. 

Jay Cutler The Pack haven’t been giving up much through the air, but Jay’s been studly so far and I see no reason for that to stop. Look for the Bears to set up the pass with the run, and Cutler should find Martellus Bennett once or thrice.
Matt Forte Another feature back that hasn’t been what you want, but will turn that around this week. I could see this being a 24-21 game that lasts about 2 hours due to all of the run plays called.

Davante Adams I like Adams long-term, but I don’t think he’s much of a focus this week. This is literally a hunch.

Brandon Marshall It doesn’t look like he’s going to play, and if he does, I just don’t see much out of him. He played hurt last week and re-injured his ankle at the end of the game. And he hasn’t practiced. Find another option.

Bills @ Texans

Dan Carpenter I kid, I kid. Start him, though.
Scott Chandler I just can’t find much to like about Buffalo. You can throw Sammy Watkins or Robert Woods in here, but I just don’t see much end zone action for Buffalo in this one.
Fred Jackson Houston has been generous on the ground this year. And you’re probably missing a bye week running back. So start this one.

Ryan Fitzpatrick Buffalo likes to give up passing yards, and maybe you’re streaming Fitz this week.
DeAndre Hopkins He WILL catch a TD pass this week. I *internet* promise. 

EJ Manuel Unless he’s your bye week QB. Unless Teddy Bridgewater or Blake Bortles happens to be on your waiver wire. Then drop him for them. Yeah, either one of them.

Arian Foster/Alfred Blue Again, unless you have no other options. Buffalo doesn’t allow rushing yards to anybody.

Titans @ Colts

Woof. Delanie Walker? There’s not much to love on this Titans squad, but Walker has been solid, the Colts can’t stop the pass, and the Titans should be playing from behind.
Shonne Greene Yeesh, I quit. Maybe he’s all you’ve got and I think he ends up with a TD somehow.

Andrew Luck Over everybody else. He’s going to be the top QB in fantasy this year.
Ahmad Bradshaw Tennessee has a decent defense, but I think Luck shreds it because that’s his favorite thing to do. This means perhaps another TD catch for Bradshaw and some garbage time carries.

Charlie Whitehurst Just…don’t. Remember Teddy Bridgewater and Blake Bortles? Close your eyes, throw a dart, start.

Dwayne Allen/Coby Fleener Because I can’t ever decide which one Luck will throw a TD pass to.

Lions @ Jets

Reggie Bush The Jets don’t give up much through the air or on the ground, but you’re pretty much starting all your other Lions anyway, so this is an easy one.
Eric Ebron Something tells me this kids finds pay dirt this weekend. If you have a TE on a bye, or if you owned Rudolph or Pitta, grab Ebron. Unless Owen Daniels is available. 

Jeremy Kerley Eric Decker is injured and that should mean more looks in the passing game for Kerley. I could see him going 6-60-1. You could do worse than that.
Chris Ivory Detroit’s run D is elite, but I have a feeling Ivory gets a cheapie TD this week.

Joique Bell Hard to sit him, but he just hasn’t been nearly as active as I’d hoped and the Jets seem to stop RBs like him.

Chris Johnson CJNoWay. Detroit will eat him alive. If you have NO OTHER OPTIONS, I could see him getting some work in the passing game, but it’s hard to start a guy like this in a matchup like this.

Dolphins @ Raiders AKA The game that will probably air on CBS instead of Carolina/Baltimore

Mike Wallace Rumors of a new QB earlier this week, but Mike Wallace is pretty much starting every week for me if I owned him. Plus, I sat next to him in Ms. Hobbs’ English 101 at Ole Miss. He’s a good football player.
Ryan Tannehill This is his chance to show that he deserves to keep his job. Thank goodness it’s Oakland.

James Jones Because, who else are you starting for Oakland? *shrugs, shudders*
Darren McFadden It’s hard to type that with a straight face. Maybe he’s a better RB overseas. 

Ray Finkle Laces out, Dan. Also, don’t sit anybody vs Oakland.

Derek Carr Miami doesn’t like passing yards. Or LeBron James, in unrelated news.

Buccaneers @ Steelers

Bobby Rainey I know, you probably dropped him after last week’s fiasco, but if you didn’t, I’d roll with him here. He gets a new QB this week and Pittsburgh is a generous run defense.
Mike Evans/Vincent Jackson Their value gets a bump with Glennon behind Center and I think they come out and surprise a depleted Pittsburgh defense.

Le’Veon Bell The guy everyone should have drafted this year, but didn’t because they thought he’d be suspended. At least that’s why I avoided him. Dah.
Antonio Brown/Marcus Wheaton I think they both find the end zone this week with Brown going over 100 and Wheaton coming awfully close.

Sit: Doug Martin I’m talking to you, Lovie Smith.

Heath Miller Tampa is middle-of-the-pack against TEs and has a couple of good young LBs that may bottle Miller up. Everybody else will score, though. So, you know, nice work against Heath Miller, Tampa.

Jaguars @ Chargers

Blake Bortles That’s right, I said it. I picked Bortles up because he’s already being compared to Andy Luck and also because I own Cam Newton. Sigh. Anyways, I think he goes for 250+ and 2 TDs. Also, 2 INTs. Dah. Garbage time stats, though. Love those.
Allen Robinson It’s time for Young Jacksonville WR Roulette. I choose Robinson. 

Philip Rivers Jacksonville doesn’t like defense. I think they’re allergic. It’s a real thing, people. Let’s raise awareness. 300+ with 3 TDs is not out of the question for Rivers this week.
Keenan Allen Because I bought low on him and he’s yet to prove me right. Prove me right this week, Keenan.

Toby Gerhart Toby has had a rough go of it this year and San Diego is pretty solid against the run. I’d stay far away.

Malcom Floyd But I wouldn’t blame you if you started him. It’s hard to sit anybody against Jacksonville.

Falcons @ Vikings

Harry Douglas It looks like Roddy White will be starting this weekend, but I think Harry still sees significant snaps and maybe even catches a TD.
Roddy White Welcome back, Rodder. I’m not expecting a huge day from Matt Ryan, but I think Roddy will score.

Teddy Bridgewater I know he’s a rookie and he just lost his TE, but Teddy looked good in limited time last week and he should find some room against Atlanta’s porous defense.
Matt Asiata The Plodfather (as one of my buddies who owns him has dubbed him) will get plenty of carries and should continue to fall forward for a couple of yards at a time. Just super exciting to watch. 

Steven Jackson The Vikes are actually pretty good at stopping the run and SJax should start ceding carries soon to preserve his health. 

Cordarelle Patterson It’s a tough decision, but I’m going with my gut on this one. I think he makes a few grabs, but posts WR3 numbers overall.

Eagles @ 49ers

Jeremy Maclin Maclin has been very consistent and as long as he’s healthy, he’s an every week starter for me.
Darren Sproles The butter squirrel will look to rebound from a pedestrian performance last week against a solid Redskins run D. Get him back in your lineup.

Michael Crabtree Philly has been getting embarrassed through the air and I expect that to continue this week.
Colin Kaepernick Philly ranks 30th in passing yards per game so far. Colin should have himself a day.

LeSean McCoy “Wait, sit Shady McCoy and start his backup? I’m never coming to this website again.” I’m sorry, it’s just that I prefer Sproles this week and what he brings to the table more than Shady. Plus, he’s probably a much better tipper.

Frank Gore It’s going to be the Carlos Hyde show soon. Gore looks more and more like a 30-year-old RB with every game he plays. 

Saints @ Cowboys

Khiry Robinson Dallas has a pretty bad defense. Robinson is a good RB. Math.
Jimmy Graham This should be ugly. If you thought Larry Donnell had a good game in primetime, tune in Sunday night. Unless you’re playing against Jimmy this week. 

DeMarco Murray Dallas will continue to lean heavily on Murray to keep Brees off the field. And because Murray is awesome. And because the Saints can’t stop the run. And because Tony Romo.
Dez Bryant Dez has been limited in practice this week. I think it’s because he wants to save his energy so he can go over 150 yards and catch 2 TDs this week. 

Marques Colston I don’t know, I just get the impression that the Saints might be too focused on running the ball for Colston to be involved. 7 catches so far this season speaks to that point.

Jason Witten He used to be so good. I still think he posts a respectable line, but he just isn’t a target in the red zone anymore. 

Patriots @ Chiefs

Start: Yawning.
Julian Edelman 22 catches so far. This guy is PPR gold. You just can’t ever sit him.
Stevan Ridley KC can’t stop the run with so many injured LBs. Start him. Travis Kelce New England doesn’t give up much in the passing game, but Kelce continues to get open. 5-50-1 would be a nice line this week.

Jamaal Charles I think he plays this week and plays well. He almost played last week. I can see his yardage totals mirroring his health percentage. 

Tom Brady To beat a dead horse, go pick up Blake Bortles. And trade Brady to the Patriots fan in your league. There’s at least one.

Alex Smith I’m expecting plenty of carries for RBs in this game and an early bedtime for MNF viewers as a result.

There you have it, folks. As always, I will be answering questions on Twitter this week (@waiverwagon), so log in and start asking! Good luck! Screen Shot 2014-09-20 at 9.56.05 PM


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