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I’ve mentioned before that I’m a Panthers fan and a Cam Newton owner. TNF was unpleasant. It’s safe to say that I need a miracle to win this week. Maybe Mantonio Brown will be my knight in bumblebee armor? I shall hold out hope. I shall also pick up a new QB.  (more…)


The NFC South lead is on the line in what should be a very exciting and fantasy-friendly ballgame. Carolina comes into this one having lost a tough matchup at home in the last minute to Seattle, while New Orleans is looking to build off of their blowout of a Green Bay team that blew Carolina out two short weeks ago. In a game where defense is optional, look for big production totals from all familiar fantasy parties. (more…)

Fresh off of multiple-league victories, I’m in a very good mood as I begin writing this post. I must say, it’s a great feeling to be in the win column and I always feel like I’m a win away from turning things around. But then Thursday Night Football happens. As of this writing, it hasn’t happened yet. However, by the time this post is ready to publish, we will know the outcome of San Diego vs. Denver and I will know just how big of a hole Branden Oliver has put me in. But for now, I’m in a good mood and am feeling slightly less sarcastic. I’m 100% positive that will change as we go on. Let’s talk week 8, shall we? (more…)

Week 8 Start/Sit – TNF edition

Posted: October 22, 2014 in Uncategorized

Welcome back, Wagoners! Here’s hoping you dominated your league in week 7 and are still working on securing that playoff spot so that you can unleash Josh Gordon on the rest of your league. Trust me, they’re getting nervous. In fact, they probably check the match ups after each week and think, “I wonder if the guy who owns Gordon won.” And then they find out that you read Waiver Wagon and learn to stop wondering. BOOM. Any-the-gardless, this week offers the tastiest TNF matchup to date (which isn’t a very high standard) and I GUARANTEE that it will not be a blowout, but it should provide plenty of fantasy goodness. Start your studs and enjoy the game.  (more…)

Welcome to Week 7. I hope your teams are performing much better than mine are. It’s especially sad because, looking back, if I had simply taken the advice of my columns, I’d probably have a winning record in both leagues right now. Alas, I have “gotten cute” as they say and it has “cost me” as my record indicates. However, it is only Week 7 and we are not out of it yet, people. So don’t give up, read this column, assess your lineup, and change it accordingly. As always, if you don’t see your players, tweet your questions about them to @waiverwagon and I will be more than happy to keep your teams winning. Good Luck! (more…)

Start/Sit Week 7 – TNF edition

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My alarm just went off. I almost hit snooze, but then it dawned on me (no puns!): today is Thursday, and I haven’t posted a Start/Sit for it yet! Fortunately tonight’s game should be easy to call because A) It’s going to be a blowout, B) It’s the Patriots and their starts should be obvious, C) It’s the Jets and they only have like 2 good players. So without further ado (and because I still need to go get breakfast), here are my recommendations. (more…)

As I’m writing this, Andrew Luck and T.Y. Hilton are absolutely murderizing the Houston Texans (and my 16-teamer team). I don’t know if you read my Start/Sit for Thursday Night Football, but if you did, you’d realize that I am absolutely unsurprised. I really don’t even know why they play on Thursday nights, other than to give my opponent a 75-point advantage every single week. I gotta tell ya, it’s pretty disheartening to start your weekend down by a million. Either way, some of you might still be alive after tonight’s game and so it is for you that I will continue to write. You’re welcome. (more…)