Week 6 Start/Sit – Thursday Night Football edition

Posted: October 8, 2014 in Uncategorized

Thursday Night Football… is kinda terrible. I’m not sure why the league has games on Thursdays except to see how exhausted one team can look while getting throttled by a far superior team. This Thursday should be no different, in my opinion. The Colts are pretty meh on defense, though, which may keep things from getting too far out of hand and may actually provide for some TNF fireworks! Wait. Who’s the QB for Houston? Oh. Well, they have Andre Johnson though, right? What’s that? Oh, I didn’t realize how old he was. Alright then, let the blowout streak continue.

Colts @ Texans

Andrew Luck
But, duh. Right? This kid is so unbelievably awesome that I’d trade every single player on my roster to get him and rebuild with the waiver wire. 
T.Y. Hilton
Targets Targets. Targets. This kid should get an endorsement detail with the big-box retailer with as many of these things as he’s getting every week. Oh, and T.Y. loves him some Texans soup. Get him in your lineup and watch him score his first TD.

Ahmad Bradshaw
I’m not sold on Ahmad Bradshaw – Feature Back at this point in my fantasy football career. His last three games have seen 9 carries, 9 carries, and 15 carries while contributing a bit of work in the passing game. Also, the Texans have been vulnerable against the run this season, but I think Luck is the star of the show tomorrow night and Richardson vultures a TD.

DeAndre Hopkins
The Colts’ pass D is middle-of-the-pack and Hopkins has been active lately (5 or more catches with at least 60 yards in his last three games, with 1 TD). I think he puts up a similar line here. Gimme 5 for 65 and a touch. Good enough for me!
Arian Foster
I just never know with this guy. One day, he’s retiring. The next, he’s rushing for 135 yards and catching a million passes. Indy is 11th overall in run D, but that’s not exactly a ringing endorsement as they’re still giving up over 100 yards per game. I think Arian gets all 100 of those, plus tacks on a few more in the passing game. I think this is the player that benefits the most from the short week, as odd as that sounds, for such an injury-prone guy.

Andre Johnson
Remember how I said he’s old? Well he’s also questionable with a bum ankle. I’d look elsewhere if I had other options. Bum ankles do not make for productive WRs playing on short rest after an OT game. 

Alright, that wraps things up for Thursday’s Start/Sit. As always, tweet me your Start/Sit questions and I will answer as accurately as legally possible. Or probable. Either way, @waiverwagon is the handle, if you have fantasy questions. Good luck!

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