Week 6 Start/Sit – Remaining games

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As I’m writing this, Andrew Luck and T.Y. Hilton are absolutely murderizing the Houston Texans (and my 16-teamer team). I don’t know if you read my Start/Sit for Thursday Night Football, but if you did, you’d realize that I am absolutely unsurprised. I really don’t even know why they play on Thursday nights, other than to give my opponent a 75-point advantage every single week. I gotta tell ya, it’s pretty disheartening to start your weekend down by a million. Either way, some of you might still be alive after tonight’s game and so it is for you that I will continue to write. You’re welcome.

Panthers @ Bengals

Kelvin Benjamin, WR
Benji has had some serious dropsy issues, but he’s just too good to take out of your lineup, regardless of who he’s facing or who’s throwing it to him. I expect more of the same this weekend. Gimme 6 catches, 95 yards, 1 TD, 3 drops.
Greg Olsen, TE
Cam’s other go-to-guy had himself a ballgame last weekend against his former team and has been very dependable as one of the top fantasy TE options this year. Stick with him this week and don’t sit him for Larry Donnell, like I did last week. Woof.

Panther RBs
I was tempted to put Cam Newton here, as the matchup is rough and he’s STILL limping all over the field, but I digress. Those RBs are just too nameless and awful to avoid calling them out. You don’t need me to tell you to sit them, but I will. Sit them.

Mohamed Sanu, WR
He’s been making all the plays for the past few weeks and has found pay dirt on multiple occasions. Welp, AJ Green is out this week and the Panthers have already given up several TD passes through the air. I’m looking for 7 for 100 and at least 1 TD out of Sanu this week.
Gio Bernard, RB
You know what else the Panthers have been doing on defense? Besides absolutely nothing? Giving up rushing yards. Lots of them. They’re 23rd in the league at the moment. I just can’t figure out where that amazing defense from last year went. Was Greg Hardy playing every position at once?? 

Andy Dalton, QB
The Panthers are middle-of-the-pack against the pass (15th in the league) and Dalton is really hit or miss. I think he misses a lot this weekend. For whatever reason, I feel like Carolina will start applying more pressure than they have been and maybe even send a LB or two to mix things up and keep Andy out of his rhythm. Sit him if you’ve got other options. 

Jaguars @ Titans

Start: Looking for what other games are on.
Cecil Shorts, WR
Hooray! It’s the weekly Jacksonville WR carousel again! I’m rocking Shorts this weekend for two reasons 1) It’s going to be warmer than I expected outside and 2) He’s back from injury and would probably like to establish some rapport with Blake Bortles. 
Storm Johnson, RB
His coach says a storm is coming this weekend. He didn’t really use those words, but it would have been awesome if he would have, then dropped them mic like the Jags drop games on the road. And at home. Anyways, Storm is a big back and will likely get plenty of carries this weekend in a game that neither team wants to win.

Blake Bortles, QB
Bortles just doesn’t have time to throw. It’s almost as bad as watching Cam Newton get destroyed on literally every single play. It’s just sad. Don’t start him this week. Unless you’ve already lost because of Thursday Night Football, of course. I’m gonna go pick him up.

Kendall Wright, WR
Wright found his way into the end zone twice last week and I see no reason why he can’t do it at least once this week. The Jaguars are absolutely horrible. There isn’t a stronger endorsement for me to make.
Justin Hunter, WR
Second verse, same as the first. Hunter only caught 3 balls last week, but he made the most of them with 99 yards and a score. It wouldn’t surprise me if he did it again. 

Charlie Whitehurst, QB
Even if he’s all you’ve got. I’d start an injured Jake Locker before I ran this guy out there. Unless it’s a 5 QB league, and then I’d see if Tim Tebow was on the wire.

Ravens @ Bucs

Joe Flacco, QB
I know. He burned ME last week, too. This week, however, he gets the cakiest of cake match ups as he travels to South Florida to face the dreaded Tampa Bay Bucs. I would love to see a get-back-on-track game for Joe to the tune of 300 yards and 3 TDs. 
Steve Smith, Sr., WR
Smitty had a rough game last week that brought his crazy season to a screeching halt, but he gets a familiar foe this weekend and it’s one that he loves to face. I think he gets his big game streak started up again with a 100 yard performance this weekend. 

Baltimore RBs
Just because you never know which one is going to get the ball. 

Louis Murphy, WR
Call me crazy, but I think Murphy has the biggest receiving game he’s had this season. Partially because he’s all Tampa has left at this point with Vincent Jackson nursing an injury and missing practice. 
Mike Glennon, QB
Mike looked pretty decent last week against New Orleans and the Bucs will have to throw again this week. Don’t expect a lot, but I could see a line similar to the one he put up last week with 250 yards and 2 TDs.

Doug Martin, RB
Because I always put him here. Remember when he was awesome? That was awesome. Baltimore is 8th in the league in rushing yards per game allowed and Doug Martin is the terrible. Just don’t. 

Broncos @ Jets

Demaryius Thomas, WR
He just went crazy last week. Crazy. He’s been due a breakout game and he definitely had one. Thomas owners, exhale. Also, get excited because he has another tasty matchup this week. Gimme 150 yards and 2 TDs.
Julius Thomas, TE
Another guy with a big game last week and a ridiculous pace this season (something like 22 TDs, last I heard). He’s also facing a weak Jets secondary and should also have a big game. I’ll say 75 yards and a TD.

Ronnie Hillman, RB
It’s hard to sit a Denver player, but I just don’t see Ronnie getting much running room against a still strong Jets DLine. I know he’s the guy now, but he’s got a rough schedule over the next few weeks and probably won’t make you very happy to have dropped so much $FAAB on him.

Eric Decker, WR
The good old revenge game. Decker has been up and down this season, but I think he’s up this weekend and wants to show Denver what they’ve been missing out on. Gimme 85 yards and a touch.
Chris Ivory, RB
Denver has a stout run D, I know (7th in the league), but I’ve seen Ivory hold his own against other stout D’s so far and I expect him to get more and more carries as the offense switches over from Chris Johnson.

Chris Johnson, RB
Speaking of CJ, sit this guy. I think they want to get the ball to him more, but he just isn’t doing much with it. He showed against Detroit that he’s still a moderate home run threat, but I just can’t get comfortable with waiting around for the huge play while my guy rushes for 1-2 yards at a time.

Lions @ Vikings

Golden Tate, WR
Tate showed up in a big way last weekend with 135 yards and a score against the Bills. This week, he’s the #1 option, as it appears that Calvin Johnson will be sitting this one out.
Joique Bell, RB
Bell put in a full practice this week and looks to be a go against a Minnesota defense that’s giving up 121 yards per game on the ground. Also, Reggie Bush tweaked his ankle last week and probably won’t play, leaving the door wide open for Bell to carve out a very nice role this week and going forward. My teams need it.

Calvin Johnson, WR
I think he sits this week. The Lions have said they want him to and he just doesn’t look right when he’s played. He really needs to rest and get healthy or else this season will be a total loss for him. Sit him. Yes, even if he plays.

Jarius Wright, WR
I know he didn’t do much against the Packers (thanks, Thursday Night Football.), but he showed excellent rapport with Teddy Bridgewater in Teddy’s debut and guess who’s coming back this week. If you guessed Jesus, you may be right. If you guessed Teddy Bridgewater, you’re definitely right.
Jerick McKinnon, RB
Jerick also disappeared last week (along with everybody else on his team. Thanks, Christian Ponder.), but I think he too bounces back in a big way this week. If you find yourself without a viable RB option, I’d give Jerick a go.

Matt Asiata, RB
Whaaaat? Sit the starter and start his backup? Yeah, well lemme explain, Mr. Conclusions. I chose this for several reasons. 1) Asiata is a plodder (my buddy calls him the Plodfather), and Detroit dines on plodders with regularity. 2) Detroit should get a quick lead in this game, which means the Vikes may want to get a longer look at McKinnon (remember the Falcons game? Almost the same story here.). 3) I know Asiata scored more, but who was the better looking back the last time Bridgewater played? Correct. McKinnon. I rest my case.

Patriots @ Bills

Tom Brady, QB
Tom Terrific made his valiant return last week and silenced the chatter for at least a week. Well now the crickets are chirping again about how great Buffalo’s defense is (and it is) and they’re telling you to sit him. I would start him. I also only have Cam Newton.
Tim Wright, TE
Wright looked great last week in Tom’s bounce back game and ended up with 85 yards and a touch. I don’t think he quite repeats that performance, but I could see him coming very close.

Stevan Ridley, RB
Mainly because he’s a Patriots RB and you never know who’s getting the ball, but also because of that Buffalo defense I mentioned earlier. They’re number 2 in the land against the run.

Sammy Watkins, WR
Sammy had 12 (!!!) targets last week and I think this was no accident. Kyle Orton loves him some Sammy Watkins and I think he’ll keep lobbing it his way, with or without Revis shadowing him. 
Fred Jackson, RB
Fred was limited at practice this week, but I’m not worried about it. He was solid both as a runner and as a pass-catcher last week and I look for that to continue against New England’s so-so run defense.

CJ Spiller, RB
Conversely, sit CJ. I think this is Fred’s show this week after the putrid showing from CJ last week. He did get 10 carries, but he only gained 8 yards. Woof.

Steelers @ Browns

Antonio Brown, WR
Joe Haden just can’t keep up. Brown extended his NFL record streak last week with at least 5 catches for at least 50 yards and I think it continues in a big way this week. In fact, double it. 10 for 100 and a touch.
Le’Veon Bell, RB
Bell just continues to get it done. He’s getting the carries and he’s getting some targets. The Browns run D is 29th in the league and I look for Bell to cross the century mark on his way to exploiting it. 

Marcus Wheaton, WR
What a disappearing act last week against a gimme matchup in the Jaguars! Wheaton only managed 2 targets and caught one ball for 17 yards. That’s just not gonna be good enough, sir. 

Ben Tate, RB
Ah.. Ben Tate. He got hurt in week 1, so I traded him. I got Keenan Allen in return. Fickle game, people. Anyway, Tate looked great last week in his triumphant return and this offense will run through him as long as the defense doesn’t. Start him while he’s still walking on two feet. 
Travis Benjamin, WR
Two touchdowns last week definitely got my attention. He hasn’t been heavily targeted, but Hoyer was looking his way pretty heavily when he needed a comeback last week. Why not throw him out there this week and see what happens? 

Miles Austin, WR
Miles should start fading further into the background with each injured player that returns to Cleveland’s lineup. He’s hard to trust anyway, but I just didn’t want to encourage any thoughts you were having of flexing him. 

Packers @ Dolphins

Jordy Nelson, WR
He’s just going to be here every week. Get used to it. He’s one of the top 3 WRs in the league and shows no sign of slowing down. Automatic.
Eddie Lacy, RB
Miami is giving up just a hair over 100 yards per game, and I expect Eddie to approach that mark this week. Sprinkle in a few receptions, and you’ve got yourself a start. Gimme 85 and a touch.

Davante Adams, WR
He’s a trendy name in fantasy circles as he’s played his way into the lineup, but I just don’t think you can really trust him just yet. There are simply too many mouths to feed in Green Bay and I don’t think Adams gets to dine just yet. Stash him, though.

Lamar Miller, RB
This may be Lamar’s last chance to be the feature back in this offense as Knowshon Moreno is expected back this weekend. Moreno may not be 100% just yet, which makes me think Miller gets the lion’s share of the workload.
Ryan Tannehill, QB
Green Bay hasn’t been super generous to QBs so far this year, but I think Miami will look to exploit them in the run game early, and then rely on some playaction to hit one or two to Mike Wallace over the top. Otherwise, there’s always garbage time.

Charles Clay, TE
Clay is just not a factor in this offense, unfortunately. He’s always nicked up and isn’t being featured. Unless you have a TE on a bye (which is the only reason you’d be considering someone like Clay at this point), I’d look elsewhere. 

Chargers @ Raiders

Branden Oliver, RB
Because this may be the only chance you have to see a return on that ridiculous $FAAB that you dropped on him this week. Oakland is terrible, San Diego is awesome. Oliver is also pretty much the only RB San Diego has this week so he’ll see a ton of touches. 
Philip Rivers, QB
This is a bit of a no-brainer, but it’s just such an awesome matchup and he’s been on a ridiculous roll. This shall be a massacre.

Keenan Allen, WR
Remember how I traded for him? Ugh. Dude’s been injured here and there all year and, aside from that amazing performance against Jacksonville, he’s been pretty worthless. He’s nursing a groin injury (in public!) and should be able to play this weekend, but I just don’t trust him to play the whole game. 

Andre Holmes, WR
Holmes had a fantastic game prior to the bye week when he received 12 targets and caught 5 of them for 74 yards and a touch. I think he’ll see plenty of garbage time this week and put up a monster line. 
James Jones, WR
Here’s where the rest of the targets are going. Jones is starting to make a name for himself as Oakland’s #1 and nothing will be changing this week. 

Derek Carr, QB
San Diego will be in his face all day long. The kid just hasn’t looked good at all this year and his woes should continue. I think he ends up with just over 200 yards through the air and maybe a garbage time TD. 

Bears @ Falcons

Alshon Jeffery, WR
He’s had 39 targets so far this year and has caught 26 of them. He’s also scored in each of his last two games. I think that trend continues this week against an atrocious Atlanta defense. 
Matt Forte, RB
When they aren’t scoring through the air, I expect the Bears to be punishing the Falcons with the ground game (as Atlanta can’t stop either one). Gimme 115 yards and 2 TD.

Martellus Bennett, TE
This breaks my heart. Bennett disappeared against Carolina last week and I think it’s no coincidence that it’s because September’s over. It’s all down hill from here. 

Matt Ryan, QB
In what’s guaranteed to be a shootout, Matty should have an awesome game. He’s great at home and Chicago is missing a few starters in their defensive backfield. Start with confidence. 
Antone Smith, RB
He just scores touchdowns. I think he might even get two this week. 

Steven Jackson, RB
I fully expect him to get 75% of the carries in this game, but don’t be surprised if Smith ends up with a red zone carry or two that he converts. 

Cowboys @ Seahawks

DeMarco Murray, RB
I know, Seattle has an awesome defense. I know, Seattle plays better at home. I know, Murray is awesome. Start him.
Terrance Williams, WR
This might be the only receiver Romo completes a pass to this weekend. I don’t know if Dallas will have him on Sherman’s side or not, but if they don’t, I say he scores. 

Tony Romo, QB
I just can’t see anything good happening for Tony this week. Seattle is just that good. They’re ballhawks and Tony loves throwing it to the other team. Stay away.

Marshawn Lynch, RB
As long as his back cooperates, Beast Mode will have his best game of the season. I’m thinking over 100 yards, a few nasty broken tackles, and 2 TDs. 
Russell Wilson, QB
Wilson just keeps getting better. It’s fun to watch. Wilson will feed off the home crowd and on the Dallas defense this week. Nom Nom Nom. Gimme 275 and 3 scores.

Doug Baldwin, WR
5 targets per game is pretty decent, but *yawn* that yardage though. 

Redskins @ Cardinals

Kirk Cousins, QB
Cousins actually held his own last week against Seattle and I think he’ll perform about the same this week. Arizona is 31st in the league when it comes to yardage through the air and Kirk has shown that he isn’t afraid to air it out.
DeSean Jackson, WR
Monster game last week. Monster game this week. And then nothing for a few weeks. This is DeSean Jackson.

Alfred Morris, RB
Arizona is the #4 defense in the league when it comes to stopping the run. Morris is not a pass-catching RB and I think Roy Helu actually ends up with the better game this week. 

Michael Floyd, WR
Only one catch last week for 7 yards. Woof. However, he was targeted 7 times and just couldn’t connect. That changes this week against Washington’s horrible secondary. 
Larry Fitzgerald, WR
Remember how bad Washington’s secondary is? Well veterans like Fitz usually find ways to exploit that. Put him in your lineup.

Andre Ellington, RB
Ellington had a great looking line last week. Unfortunately it all came on one play, an 81-yard reception for a TD. Outside of that, he carried the ball 16 times for 32 yards. That’s just not going to cut it, sir. 

Giants @ Eagles

Andre Williams, RB
Andre was a hot waiver add this week after Rashad Jennings left early last weekend. I wish I could’ve grabbed him. Philly is giving up 132 yards on the ground and Tom Coughlin likes to use his RBs. This should be a really good game for Andre, the New York Giant. 
Victor Cruz, WR
The Eagles can’t play defense. Seriously. Also, the Giants have 3 above average receivers (well, two really good ones, and Reuben Randle). I expect Randle and Beckham to lineup on the outsides and Victor Cruz to cha-cha the slot. I see some dancing in the near future. 

Reuben Randle, WR
I hate to sit any pass-catcher against the Eagles, but I just think Eli’s rapport with Beckham will be the difference maker when it comes to Randle’s involvement. He’ll probably see a few targets, but I wouldn’t start him over Beckham. 

Jeremy Maclin, WR
Because he’s the awesome. He had a very good game last week and I think he exploits a suspect Giants secondary this week.
LeSean McCoy, RB
24 totes last week is awesome usage for a guy you drafted so early. I think that continues this week. Gimme 20 carries for 105 and a touch.

Darren Sproles, RB
Darren has disappeared. Some people want to drop him. I may or may not be one of those people. What the heck happened?

49ers @ Rams

Frank Gore, RB
I said one bad thing about him, and he’s been great ever since. Alright, Frank, you win. The Rams got gashed by LeSean McCoy last week, and Gore is a stronger runner. Gimme 100 yards and 2 TDs.
Colin Kaepernick, QB
He’s throwing (26 attempts last week), he’s running (10 carries), and his team is winning. You’d like to see more yards out of your QB, though, and this is the week he makes good on that. 

Michael Crabtree, WR
Crabtree disappeared last week and St. Louis doesn’t give up much through the air. I think he probably rocks a pretty pedestrian line this week, too. Maybe 4 for 45 yards or so. 

Brian Quick, WR
Two TDs last week, and 1 TD the week before that. Quick has emerged as the Rams #1 WR and should keep rolling this week, despite the solid opponent. 
Benny Cunningham, RB
Zac Stacy left the game early last week, and Benny came in and went crazy. Obviously you’d rather have a better matchup, but if you have Benny and don’t have anybody else, I’d roll with him this week.

Austin Davis, QB
I picked him up this week and have alternated putting him in my lineup and pulling him back out of it. As of this writing, he’s on my bench and that’s probably where he really belongs this week. And next week. And I’ll probably drop him after that. 

Alright, kiddos, that does it for this week’s Start/Sit. As always, keep those questions coming my way via Twitter @waiverwagon. Good luck this week, and think of me as I try to recover from the beatdown that Andy Luck and T.Y. Hilton placed upon my team on TNF. Ugh..

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