Start/Sit Week 7 – TNF edition

Posted: October 16, 2014 in Uncategorized

My alarm just went off. I almost hit snooze, but then it dawned on me (no puns!): today is Thursday, and I haven’t posted a Start/Sit for it yet! Fortunately tonight’s game should be easy to call because A) It’s going to be a blowout, B) It’s the Patriots and their starts should be obvious, C) It’s the Jets and they only have like 2 good players. So without further ado (and because I still need to go get breakfast), here are my recommendations.

Jets @ Patriots

Chris Ivory, RB
The Patriots are right around middle of the pack against RBs and he’s 1 of 2.5 total weapons that the Jets have one offense. I know he looked awful last week, but that was Denver, and they’re awesome. I’d roll with him unless you have a better option, in which case you should tweet me and tell me who that guy is. 
Jace Amaro, TE
The Jets might end up having to throw the ball (as usual) and this guy should be heavily involved. The Patriots handle TEs pretty well, but Geno’s gotta throw to somebody and Decker will be blanketed by Talib in all likelihood.

Geno Smith, QB
Because you probably weren’t starting him anyway. But seriously, he’ll have to throw, it’s just that his touchdown passes usually end up in the hands of the other team. 

Tom Brady, QB
Tom Terrific has definitely returned. I don’t know what happened, but he flipped a switch a couple of games ago and has been fantastic ever since. I guess he reads the internets and got his feelings hurt. Sorry, Tom. You’re welcome.
Rob Gronkowski, TE
The Jets are terrible……against TEs. Gronk has been dominant for the past two weeks and I think that continues in a big way tonight. I think he scores twice. I hope you aren’t facing him. I also hope I’m not facing him. 

Patriots RBs
Mostly because we don’t know which one (three) will get the ball, but also because none of them are very good. Shane Vereen is likely to see an increase in carries, but then again, it’s Bill Belichick and things like likelihoods and probabilities are not high priorities unless they don’t make any sense. 

Alright folks, that’s all I’ve got for tonight’s game. As always, tweet your questions to @waiverwagon and I will do my best to treat your teams better than I’ve treated mine so far. Woof. Time to go to work.

Screen Shot 2014-09-20 at 9.56.05 PM


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