Start/Sit Week 7- Remaining games

Posted: October 16, 2014 in Uncategorized

Welcome to Week 7. I hope your teams are performing much better than mine are. It’s especially sad because, looking back, if I had simply taken the advice of my columns, I’d probably have a winning record in both leagues right now. Alas, I have “gotten cute” as they say and it has “cost me” as my record indicates. However, it is only Week 7 and we are not out of it yet, people. So don’t give up, read this column, assess your lineup, and change it accordingly. As always, if you don’t see your players, tweet your questions about them to @waiverwagon and I will be more than happy to keep your teams winning. Good Luck!

Falcons @ Ravens

Julio Jones, WR
Reports of an ankle injury don’t scare me. Start Julio as you normally would and dominate as you normally do.
Antone Smith, RB
I lost a waiver bid on Antone, but I’m not bitter. He just scores TDs. I think they have special plays with guaranteed outcomes for him.

Matt Ryan, QB
Matty is not so nice on the road and Baltimore has been unkind to QBs so far. Sit him if you have better options, prepare to get your feelings hurt if you don’t.

Joe Flacco, QB
Remember the guy I dropped last week for Austin Davis? 5. Touchdown. Passes. Sigh. Give him 3 more this week on the guy who picked him up’s roster.
Justin Forsett, RB
He’s the lead dog and ATL is a bacon-flavored treat against the run. And the pass. Start him.

Torrey Smith, WR
Joe Flacco found him last week. Back to the milk carton, Torrey. 4-45 this week.

Vikings @ Bills

Cordarelle Patterson, WR
This is more because I’m expecting one big play from him this week. I’m giving him a 3-85-1 line.
Matt Asiata, RB
That Bills D is #1 in the land against the run, but I think Asiata surprises us this week like McKinnon did last week. He might get out-carried again, but I think he vultures a score and gets dump off work in the passing game.

Teddy Bridgewater, QB
This will go down in history as the worst game in Teddy’s career. I can see a few sacks, a fumble or two, less than 200 yards passing, and 2 INTs because of heavy pressure.

Kyle Orton, QB
Orton has come in and made his guys look better so far. He’s made Scott Chandler semi-relevant again, and he’s made defenses at least half-respect the pass, clearing lanes for Fred Jackson. I don’t know why you’d need him unless you had RG3 or your other QB, Mike Glennon, is on a bye, but if you have him and nothing else, you could do worse. How’s that for a ringing endorsement?
Fred Jackson, RB
Minny can’t stop the run and I expect their defense to be on the field for most of this game due to Buffalo’s great defense. That sets up nicely for a grinder like Jackson.

CJ Spiller, RB
This feels more like a Fred Jackson game to me, so that means I’m sitting CJ unless I’ve got nothing else. Minny’s D isn’t good, but I think CJ gets heavily out-touched in this one.

Dolphins @ Bears

Mike Wallace, WR
Mike is Ryan Tannehill’s go-to-guy. It seems like he catches all of Tannehill’s TDs and I think it happens again here against a questionable Chicago secondary.
Lamar Miller, RB
With Knowshon’s injury, this job belongs to Miller now. He’s looked great so far and should see continued success against Chicago’s run D that’s yielding over 100 yards per game.

Jarvis Landry, WR
Landry blew up (kinda) last week, but he still isn’t someone that should be cracking your lineup in traditional, non-return-yardage leagues.

Matt Forte, RB
Drafted to be one of the best, he’s one of very few 1st rounders to return that value so far this season. And to think, you were so upset that Adrian Peterson/LeSean McCoy didn’t fall to you.
Brandon Marshall, WR
His overall numbers don’t reflect how solid he really is. He’s been struggling with injuries this season but looked fantastic last week and should be 100% this week. Start him and expect 100 yards and a touch.

Martellus Bennett, TE
It hurts me to put him here two weeks in a row, and he still leads all TEs in redzone targets, but he hasn’t been converting lately. This is my please-prove-me-wrong pick of the week.

Saints @ Lions

Marcus Colston, WR
Isn’t that the guy from Hofstra? Yes. Hasn’t he been terrible? Kinda. Listen, Jimmy Graham is out for another week and the Saints need some leadership from somewhere if they want to cure their road woes. Colston should be leaned on heavily this week.
Josh Hill, TE
Hill is a poor man’s Jimmy Graham, but he’s also a Drew Bree’s tight end. Drew is prone to go tight end hunting in the redzone and Hill should be the beneficiary. He will catch one of Drew’s 2 TD passes this week with Colston grabbing the other.

Mark Ingram, RB
I know, you’ve been waiting forever to get your toy back, but he couldn’t have come back to a tougher matchup. The Lions are #2 against the run and the Saints will be easing Ingram back into the fold. Hang on for one more week if you can.

Joique Bell, RB
Bell looked really good last week and rewarded his owners who held on and trusted him throughout the concussion. I think he provides more of the same this week in a game that should be dictated by the Lions’ new ground and pound, ball-control, defensive-minded gameflow.
Reggie Bush, RB
I’m not expecting much from Matt Stafford this week, obviously. I think most of his yardage will come from check down throws and chain-movers. Also, revenge game.

Matt Stafford, QB
See? I should have given you a spoiler alert. I’m sorry. The Saints don’t have a defense, but this is less about the matchup and more about the aforementioned offensive mentality change. I think he MIGHT throw one TD pass early and make people think he’s going to have a big game. And then he’ll start handing it off and people will delete their fantasy teams.

Panthers @ Packers

Cam Newton, QB
Welcome back sir! Cam finally looked like we all thought he would when we spent such a valuable pick on him. He also gets help this week in the return of RB Jonathan Stewart. Look for another big game from Cam, and this time he’ll be in my lineup!
Jonathan Stewart, RB
The return of a running game? I sure hope so. Stewart has been M.I.A. and the Panthers have been using backups and practice squad guys in his place ever since. I think he shines in his return and ends up with something like 75 yds and 1 TD.

Kelvin Benjamin, WR
Benji has been fantasy goodness this year and if it weren’t for a late hit by a Cinci LB that I won’t name here because of his other dirty antics, Benji would be setup for another nice week. However, he hasn’t practiced due to his mild concussion and could miss this game altogether.

Aaron Rodgers, QB
Boy, this should be ugly. This game is likely to be a shootout and Carolina has a putrid secondary that won’t be able to keep up with Rodgers and his 9 pro bowl caliber WRs. He should easily top 300 yards and throw for a minimum of 3 scores in this one.
Randall Cobb, WR
Pick a Green Bay WR. Any WR will do. I pick Cobb. Carolina’s “best” corner, Antone Cason, will be “covering” Jordy Nelson (meaning he’ll only get around 150 yards and a score). This leaves things wide open for Cobb to get.. oh let’s say 150 yards and a score.

Eddie Lacy, RB
But don’t ask me why. But for reals, Lacy lost some carries to James Starks last week and could end up doing the same this week and quite possibly for the rest of the year. He hasn’t been impressive (outside of the week he played me, which I predicted) and this has all the trappings of a full-blown committee.

Bengals @ Colts

Gio Bernard, RB
Gio has looked fantastic lately and I expect more of the same against the Colts ## ranked defense. Gio has been pretty much matchup proof and if you own him, you’re starting him.
Muhamed Sanu, WR
Well I thought last week was going to be his last big week, but then Marvin Jones went all IR on me and AJ is still waiting on this little piggy to get home from the market. Start Sanu again, win your week again.

Andy Dalton, QB
Andy’s ok. Just not in fantasy. To be honest, I’d start Blaine Hoyer over him this week. Most weeks, actually. I think he’ll have to throw and that may provide garbage stats at least, if that’s your thing.

Ahmad Bradshaw, RB
He’s been so good for where you drafted him. Don’t let a game against a tough Cincy defense discourage you. Gimme 65 yards on the ground, another 25 through the air and a score.
T.Y. Hilton, WR
Welp, I told you last week about how he would dominate. He did. I lost. Good for you, though, if you listened to me! Haha.. Sad face. Yanny-ways, start him again this week and trust Luck to keep lobbing them up top to him.

Reggie Wayne, WR
I think Reggie sees some coverage over the top and probably lines up across from Adam Jones in this one. He could still break one, as he’s certainly crafty enough, but I don’t like him this week.

Browns @ Jaguars

Ben Tate, RB
Tate was unstoppable last week against a much tougher defense. More of the same this week except it’s the worst defense in the history of football in the league this year. Whew! Start of the week.
Isaiah Crowell, RB
I don’t usually recommend 2 RBs from the same team, but when I do, it’s because Jacksonville. Or Atlanta. The Crow also had a big game last week and Cleveland loves to run the ball. I think we could get two 100-yard rushers this week.

Back and enjoy starting your Browns.

Blake Bortles, QB
Yes, he’s going to throw picks. Yes, there are probably better options on the wire. However, if he’s all you’ve got, throw him in there for the garbage stats you picked him up for. Don’t forget he went over 300 last week and threw 1.5 million times.
Cecil Shorts, WR
Shorts had a great week last week and as he gets more comfortable and establishes rapport with Bortles, he might save his season from injury. If he can stay healthy. He’s healthy this week and so are his comrades to take some coverage off of him.

Clay Harbor, TE
I know he had a great line last week, but that was pretty much all on one big play. I won’t chase last week’s stats until I see a trend. And then I’ll probably say to start him. But only if everybody else gets injured.

Seahawks @ Rams

Marshawn Lynch, RB
Don’t get cute. He was the forgotten man last week and it cost me and Seattle dearly. Things will change this week as his own OC says he will get the ball early and often and that he doesn’t care about fantasy. Start him.
Russell Wilson, QB
I feel like I list these guys every week, but it’s because the rest of this offense is so unpredictable. Who’s getting the ball and when? Nobody knows.

Seattle WRs:
See above. I never know which unowned guy is going to get the targets. Seriously, I think Wilson checks ownership percentages before every throw he makes. Start Percy Harvin if you dare. Or trade him and purchase some consistency from someone.

Jared Cook, TE
Davis looked his way early and often against the 9ers last week. I think we see the same thing again here. Gimme 6-70-1 this week.
Brian Quick, WR
Quick did nothing last week, but I think that was an outlier game. He’s been awfully consistent this year and I think he finds a way to get over the top in this one.

Austin Davis, QB
He burned me pretty badly last week. -6 points in my league and I only needed 10 to win. I’m benching him on principal and out of spite. And because it’s the Seahawks.

Titans @ Redskins

Kendall Wright, WR
He was the forgotten man last week, but I like him anyway this week. I think this is a game of sloppy defense and Wright will benefit.
Justin Hunter, WR
Two solid games in a row have gotten my attention. I hate to recommend Titans players, but if you have him and are considering starting him, you probably don’t have anybody better to begin with. 

Bishop Sankey, RB
Well that was rough. Sankey was supposed to shoulder the load last week and he did. He just forgot to put up a usable stat line. Washington has a legit run defense and Sankey is stanky. Leave him on the bench.

Alfred Morris, RB
The Butler gets his shot at a so-so Titan defense and I think he has a field day. Washington has already committed to RG3 as their QB once he’s healthy, which tells you all you need to know about their opinion of Kirk Cousins so far. Expect a heavy dose of Alfred this week.
DeSean Jackson, WR
I expect DJax to pop the top off of the defense again so I would definitely start him in any league where I owned him and wanted to take a shot at the home run play. Throw him out there.

Kirk Cousins, QB
Kirk must be cousins with Rashad Johnson after throwing him those two INTs last week (one of which went for six the other way). I just don’t trust this guy unless Charlie Whitehurst is my #2. That’s fitting, considering the way he plays.

Chiefs @ Chargers

Travis Kelce, TE
Kelce has become the primary air threat on a run-focused offense and that’s ok. He’s a tremendous talent and, though the Chargers have a good defense, they did just give up four TDs to Derek Carr. Start him.
Jamaal Charles, RB
Apparently Andy Reid was displeased with himself for not leaning on Charles as much as he felt he should have. I think he’ll make up for it this week. This game should be back and forth and I expect at least one TD for Jamaal.

Dwayne Bowe, WR
He’s been up and down, and I think this is a down week as the Chiefs will look to keep things on the ground and only target Kelce through the air.

Philip Rivers, QB
Because he’s one of the hottest QBs in the league right now. He’s spreading the ball around and doing a great job of making Keenan Allen completely useless. 300 yards and 3 TDs. Book it.
Branden Oliver, RB
This kid’s the real deal. He’s like a mutant Darren Sproles. I can see him just having a crazy good game this weekend. In fact, 100 yards and at least 1 TD.

Malcolm Floyd, WR
Huge game last week. Against Oakland. I don’t trust him and neither should you. Moving on.

Giants @ Cowboys

Reuben Randle, WR
Victor Cruz is out for the season and someone will need to step in to take his place. Randle has been a favorite of Eli’s and now the stats will follow that.
Odell Beckham, WR
ODB was a 1st round pick that wasn’t healthy until two weeks ago. After scoring in his first game, he had a let down game last week (to be fair, so did EVERY other Giant). Things change now as he should develop rapport with Eli and see plenty of targets in a game that may be back and forth.

Eli Manning, QB
Eli didn’t have time to do anything last week thanks to his turnstile offensive (in more ways than one) line. He was playing hot potato and couldn’t get the ball out fast enough against a hungry Eagles defense. He gets a tougher matchup this week on the road against a 5-1 Cowboys team that just shut down Seattle.

Tony Romo, QB
At least 250 yards, at least 2 TDs. That’s Romo’s MO for the last three weeks. New York should be playing with a huge chip on their shoulder(s) thanks to last week’s debacle. They’re going to need more than a chip, though, as they’re 24th in the league in passing yards allowed. 
DeMarco Murray, RB
He’s dominating the league. Auto-start.

Jason Witten, TE
He’s had a few decent games this year, but there must be better options out there somewhere. If not, he’s just a tight end and you aren’t getting your points from that position anyway if you didn’t draft one of the top two guys.

Cardinals @ Raiders

Carson Palmer, QB
Palmer looked solid last week in his first game back and he gets a great matchup this week. Fire up your Cardinals.
Larry Fitzgerald, WR
Fitz finally got his QB back and has started looking better and better each week. I think he goes 7-75-1 this weekend.

It’s Oakland. They’re like Jacksonville with even an less attractive color scheme. 

Derek Carr, QB
But only because he looked decent last week and they’ll have to throw it a ton to keep up in this game. 
Andre Holmes, WR
He’s gotten tons of targets these last two weeks and he’s turned three of them into touchdowns. I hope you picked him up this week. I wouldn’t start him over a more established WR, but he’ll be working his way into my lineup very soon if he keeps this up. 

Darren McFadden, RB
Arizona is the 3rd ranked defense in the league when it comes to yards per game. I want no part of the Oakland backfield this week. Or any week. Ever. 

49ers @ Broncos

Anquan Boldin, WR
Denver is in the middle of the pack against the pass and Boldin looked fantastic last week. He’s been getting the targets and his size will win him a battle for the goal line in this one. 
Frank Gore, RB
Denver just lost their stud LB, Danny Trevathan, for a while and I think Gore will benefit from this. I don’t see a huge yardage day, but I think he crosses the goal line at least once. 

Colin Kaepernick, QB
He had a great game last week against St. Louis, but something tells me he cools off substantially in the crisp air of Colorado. I can see him grabbing a few yards on the ground, but I think he has a pretty pedestrian day overall. 

Texans @ Steelers

DeAndre Hopkins, WR
He did NOTHING last week. Ok, one catch for 12 yards. Color me unimpressed. I think he gets back on track this week with another 5-65 performance. Give him a TD, too. And start him.
Andre Johnson, WR
Here’s another guy that just keeps looking better and better each week after a slow start. Andre looked awfully spry last week with 99 yards and a score and I expect more of the same against this questionable Pittsburgh secondary. 

Ryan Fitzpatrick, QB
Start his beard, though. I’m really really sorry if you’ve reached the point in your league where you’re depending on Ryan Fitzpatrick. I wouldn’t wish that on anybody. 

Antonio Brown, WR
MANtonio is the awesome. Target after target. Yard after yard. He’s a stone cold lineup lock and just keeps on doing his thing. I think this will be one of his best games of the season. Enjoy the show.
Le’Veon Bell, RB
I have to look up his name every week to spell it correctly. I thought you should know this. What I don’t have to lookup is that fact that he’s been incredibly awesome this season. He hasn’t found the end zone much (once) but at least it was last week. He does it again this week. 

Ben Roethlisberger, QB
Big Ben hasn’t looked good in a couple of weeks and I just can’t feel comfortable trusting him in my starting lineup. Look for another clunker (outside of whatever yardage Mantonio gets, that is). 

As always, best of luck folks! Remember, it doesn’t matter what your record is at this point, you are STILL ALIVE in your league. Make some moves, trust your studs, and stay active. That’s what keeps this game fun. Have a fantastic weekend!

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