Week 8 Start/Sit – Remaining games

Posted: October 25, 2014 in Uncategorized

Fresh off of multiple-league victories, I’m in a very good mood as I begin writing this post. I must say, it’s a great feeling to be in the win column and I always feel like I’m a win away from turning things around. But then Thursday Night Football happens. As of this writing, it hasn’t happened yet. However, by the time this post is ready to publish, we will know the outcome of San Diego vs. Denver and I will know just how big of a hole Branden Oliver has put me in. But for now, I’m in a good mood and am feeling slightly less sarcastic. I’m 100% positive that will change as we go on. Let’s talk week 8, shall we?

Lions @ Falcons @ London

Setting your alarm clock.
This one’s going to be played at 8:30 am CST on Sunday, so get your lineups in order Saturday night at the latest. Then wake up, watch some football, and go to church.
Joique Bell, RB
He’s been quite consistent for the past two games, finding the end zone in each and accumulating over 75 total yards. I definitely think that continues against Atlanta’s porous run defense. Gimme 110 total yards and 2 TDs. Maybe more yardage if Bush is out and/or limited with that ankle.
Matt Stafford, QB
Stafford has NOT been fun to own this year, as he’s been on his back more than anybody else in the league (24 times!) and just hasn’t had that big game yet. I think that changes this weekend across the pond. Gimme 300 yards and at least 2 TDs.

Reggie Bush, RB
As I mentioned before, Reggie is hurting and played through the ankle last week only to tweak it during the game. He’s made the trip to London, but I just can’t see him playing and/or being much of a factor if he does.

Roddy White, WR
Roddy looked so good last week. I wish I would have bought low when I had the chance. He’s been slightly hit or miss this season, but I think he started a trend last week and will have a similar performance this week, though I don’t expect the TD. Gimme 85 yards on 5-7 catches.
Julio Jones, WR
Julio looked great leading up the past two weeks where he’s slowed down just a bit. I’m starting him this week because I expect the Lions to absolutely shut down the Falcons run game and pressure Ryan into a few ill-advised throws. I also think this benefits a guy like Julio because he can get in and out of breaks so quickly and he knows how to make himself available to a hurried QB. I think he finds the end zone this week in what may be the Falcons’ only score.

Matt Ryan, QB
This could get ugly. Matty’s kinda terrible on the road and it’s well documented. I would imagine he may be far worse on the road, with jet-lag, facing the #1 defense in the league. I expect him to have a pretty dirty jersey by the end of this game. Unless Wimbley’s on turf, in which case I expect the name to be scratched off the back of his otherwise clean jersey.

Seahawks @ Panthers

Marshawn Lynch, RB
He hasn’t been doing much in the way of yardage for the last two weeks, but last week could have looked much different were it not for two holding penalties that cost Lynch an 18-yard run and a 15-yard TD. Carolina is absolutely miserable at defending the anything and Lynch should have his best game of the season this weekend.
Doug Baldwin, WR
For those of you that scooped him off of waivers (I could have, but I just couldn’t bring myself to dump Keenan Allen), this is your week. He looked fantastic as Wilson’s new #1 last week and I’m looking for more of the same this week against a team that a) Can’t cover and b) Gives up when a WR makes a catch and they don’t feel like pursuing/tackling said WR. Start and enjoy.

It’s hard to recommend sitting anybody against this D, so I won’t.

Greg Olsen, TE
He’s the #1 TE in PPR play (even better than Julius Thomas!) and he continues to be a safety valve and top receiver for Cam Newton. Greg is having a fantastic season and I don’t see that slowing down any time soon. Gimme 75 yards and a TD in this one.
Kelvin Benjamin, WR
Despite playing through a concussion and a questionable tag last weekend, Benji still found a way to do what he’s done in almost every game this year and that’s find the end zone. I think he crosses the chalk again in a game where nobody plays defense.

Jonathan Stewart, RB
I almost put Cam here, but I have the same feeling about him that I had against Cincy two weeks ago and I was absolutely proven wrong. So here’s Stewart. I think he has an OK day, but I would look elsewhere if I had other options as his straight-line, heavy-running style feeds right into the teeth of Seattle’s defense.

Ravens @ Bengals

Justin Forsett, RB
Cincy loves to watch other team’s RBs gash their D and have great games. I don’t see that changing this week for Forsett, who’s been on a roll lately. Gimme 95 yards and a touch.
Owen Daniels, TE
Daniels looked good last week and now faces the team allowing the most fantasy points per game to TEs this season. I think he posts something like 6/75/1 as a floor.

Torrey Smith, WR
You’d think after two exceptional weeks, Torrey would have been a start for me. He probably should, but his owners would also probably rather that I keep putting him here since that seems to be the formula for his having good games. You’re welcome, Torrey Smith owners. Please keep in mind that Cincy is #3 in the league in terms of fantasy points per game surrendered to WRs.

Mohamed Sanu, WR
The Ravens excel at defending every position except WRs in terms of fantasy points per game. Sanu should get back on track in this one and will probably be the only highlight for Cincy here.
AJ Green, WR
If he plays (and who knows at this point?) I think he has a big welcome back game. It’s a big risk as of this writing to put him in your lineup, and I’d certainly suggest having a backup plan on standby, but if he plays, you start him.

Gio Bernard, RB
Gio had an awful game last week and I just can’t see things getting much better this week (though it’s hard to get much worse). The Ravens are quite good against the run and I expect that to continue this weekend.

 Dolphins @ Jaguars

Lamar Miller, RB
Miller has been fantastic all season and this is a dream matchup. If you’ve started him against anybody else this season, you should definitely be starting him against the Jags.
Ryan Tannehill, QB
Second verse, same as the first. Tannehill has been remarkably consistent and appears to finally be “getting it.” Start him with confidence this weekend.

Charles Clay, TE
Hunch call alert! I only say to sit Clay because you never know what you’re going to get and because it may be tempting to start him over a better TE because he’s facing Jacksonville. Don’t get cute.

Denard Robinson, RB
This is more because if you own Denard, it’s probably because you have an injury and don’t have anybody better. He looked electric last week, but there are rumors of an RBBC in the near future. If you don’t have a better option, roll him out there and cross your fingers.
Allen Robinson, WR
He’s been getting more and more targets almost every week and is looking like the guy to own in Jacksonville. *Shudder* There’s a guy to own in Jacksonville? I need more coffee.

Storm Johnson, RB
It looks like the Storm has blown over in Jacksonville. It brewed, there were some scattered showers, a touch of lightning, not much thunder, and now it’s sunny with a chance of Robinson. Sorry, Storm.

 Rams @ Chiefs

Tre Mason, RB
Similar to what I said about Robinson earlier, Mason is a guy that you start if you’ve lost someone to injury and don’t have anybody better to step in. I really like Mason as a runner and the back of (not to) the future for St. Louis, but there are other guys that can get it done and they may eat into his work a bit. Still, I’d roll with him this week and see what’s there.
Bryan Quick, WR
I know, he’s looked bad for the past two weeks. However, let us not forget that those games were against San Fran and Seattle. Don’t be so QUICK (I’m sorry.) to jump off Bryan’s bandwagon. Start with confidence.

Lance Kendricks, TE
Lance just hasn’t had much impact on the offense lately and I don’t see that changing this weekend against KC.

Alex Smith, QB
He hasn’t been awesome these last two weeks, but he’s faced good defenses in SF and SD. I think he gets back on track in this one and approaches the 300 yard mark again.
Jamaal Charles, RB
This is an obvious start, and I’m sorry for that. It’s just that I don’t want people sitting stud RBs in less-than-favorable match ups just because they picked up a hot waiver guy and are itching to plug him in. Charles should never sit for your team.

Travis Kelce, TE
I think he’ll be active in this one, but it seems as though they’re talking about keeping him closer to the LOS for blocking purposes and he’s been limited in practice this week. Unless you’ve no where else to turn, I’d sit Travis this week.

 Bears @ Patriots

Alshon Jeffery, WR
I know he disappeared on us last week, but that’s the exception and not the norm. I expect him to get back on track in a big way this weekend. Look for 100 yards and a score.
Martellus Bennett, TE
The targets are there, the TDs haven’t been. New England has some pretty solid LBs, but I think Marty finds a way in this one and gets back in the end zone again. Gimme 5/50/1.

Brandon Marshall, WR
The up and down season continues for Marshall and he gets to go to Revis island this weekend. It is not a WR’s paradise. Sit him, but only if you have another solid option.

Shane Vereen, RB
Yes, last week’s results were a tad fluky, but he’s the guy in NE right now and doesn’t really have tons of competition for touches. I’ve got a good feeling about him this weekend as he needs to show that he can carry the load.
Rob Gronkowski, TE
Gronk has looked solid for the last three games and the Bears are mid-to-bottom defenders against TEs. Look for 6/65/1 this weekend.

Brandon LaFell, WR
The Carolina castoff has found a new home in New England and has had a couple of good games so far. However, those two games provided pretty much all of his production and you’ve got to have a safer option in your lineup. Use that guy instead.

Bills @ Jets

Sammy Watkins, WR
In case you’ve been away from sports for the past week, the Bills have lost both of their RBs and Sammy Watkins is really really good. I think Buffalo will spend just a bit of time on the RBs this week to see what they’re working with, but I think most of the time we’ll see Orton chucking it up to Sammy.
Kyle Orton, QB
He’s going to get sacked. That’s probably not the best way to endorse someone, so I’ll say this, he’s also going to throw for 250+ yards and 2 TDs. You could do worse than that, I’m sure.

Anthony Dixon, RB
Dixon initially said that he feels good about being the guy in Buffalo, but has changed his tune as the week has gone on and now expects a committee approach. I think he gets most of the work this week, though and I’d sit him unless he’s the best option you’ve got.

Chris Ivory, RB
This seems like a silly suggestion because Buffalo has been so good against the run this season. However, Jerick McKinnon (more on him later) broke them last weekend and I think they’re confidence may be a bit shaken. Ivory runs in a similar fashion to McKinnon and loves breaking tackles and leads the league in yards after contact. Start him.
Eric Decker, WR
I think Ivory’s success (along with Percy Harvin’s presence) will open things up for Decker this weekend. He’s been the guy for targets and shouldn’t see much of a drop in those with Harvin’s arrival (at least not this week).

Percy Harvin, WR
I think Percy will be tremendous for New York, but I think it takes more than one week for that to happen. This is the kind of trade that will end up making Geno Smith look like a startable QB as Percy will provide more LOS work and allow Geno to hit some quick completions and work the ball down the field at a different pace. I think you start him going forward (Harvin, that is), but I think he sits this week unless you’re strapped at WR.

Vikings @ Buccaneers

Jerick. McKinnon., RB
Start of the week. McKinnon was absolutely nasty last weekend against Buffalo’s #1 run defense and the Bucs certainly don’t measure up in that department. Jerick has looked great since assuming the starting role from Ploddy McPlodderson and I think this is his official coming out party. Start and enjoy.
Cordarelle Patterson, WR
McKinnon’s success should open things up down the field for C-Patt and I’m excited to see him finally get a few deep shots against 1 on 1 coverage. I was right about the TD last week, but I missed on the yardage. This week I’m changing that tune just a touch and calling for lots of yardage, but no TD. I’ll go with 5 catches for 115 and no score.

Teddy Bridgewater, QB
Teddy just isn’t someone that you should be trusting in fantasy this year. I think he has the tools to be the guy in the very near future, but things just don’t look right just yet. It’s Tampa Bay, so that makes me feel better if you don’t have anyone else, but I still don’t trust him.

Vincent Jackson, WR
So apparently Tampa is looking to trade VJax (or at least they’ve made him available) per a tweet I saw this morning. If that’s the case, I think they may use this weekend as a showcase game and look his way early and often. You should reap the rewards of those efforts and start him.
Mike Evans, WR
This is what happens when one WR gets featured: the other guy gets open because of less attention from the D. Evans has been coming on lately with an increase in targets and TDs in his last two games. I expect a third straight week with a TD.

Doug Martin, RB
I’m just going to keep putting him here until Lovie does.

Texans @ Titans

Arian Foster, RB
When he’s healthy, he’s an automatic start. I’ll just leave things at that.
Andre Johnson, WR
He’s a target champion. He hasn’t seen less than 7 targets in a game this season and I don’t think that changes any time soon. I know he’s only caught 1 TD so far, but I think he adds to that total this weekend against a middle-of-the-pack Titan secondary.

Ryan Fitzpatrick, QB
The Beard has been everything we thought he’d be this season which is basically just a way of typing out a yawn. Unless your other QBs died or you’re setting your lineups blindfolded, please leave The Beard on The Bench.

Kendall Wright, WR
He’s definitely not someone I’d recommend over other guys on your bench, but I’m facing him this week, so I’m expecting a big game. Mettenberger looks to be drawing the start in this one and will probably be running for his life from JJ. I expect he’ll fling a couple in Wright’s general direction.
Delanie Walker, TE
I mentioned Mettenberger starting and rookie QBs that are being pressured will often look to their TEs for help. Expect Walker to hover around the LOS and draw more targets than any other game so far this season.

Bishop Sankey, RB
And by sit, I mean drop. Dah. Moving on.

 Eagles @ Cardinals

Jeremy Maclin, WR
I’m just going to keep putting him here despite how dudly he was last weekend. Back on track this weekend, though, facing a Cardinals defense that’s giving up the 5th most fantasy points per game to WRs so far.
LeSean McCoy, RB
McCoy looked like the #1 overall pick you thought you were getting when he destroyed the Giants defense. With Sproles at less than 100%, I think McCoy gets 20+ carries in this one and approaches 30 touches. Don’t even think about benching him for whoever you picked up off the wire this week.

Darren Sproles, RB
Speaking of Sproles, sit him. He has a partial tear in his MCL and has had 2 weeks to heal from it. I just can’t trust that he won’t end up making things worse and come out of the game early. He really shouldn’t be playing this week.

Carson Palmer, QB
Philadelphia has a terrible secondary. They’re allowing the 5th most fantasy points to QBs this year and Palmer has two phenomenal WRs to throw to. I’m looking for 300+ and 3 TDs this weekend.
Michael Floyd, WR
The deep ball. That’s what Floyd will be catching this weekend. I think he just might have the best game of his career. Start with confidence.

I can’t sit anybody for the Cardinals this week. I’m sorry if this disappoints you.

Raiders @ Browns

Darren McFadden, RB
The Browns are giving up the 4th most fantasy points per game to RBs and McFadden has been getting the carries. I think he breaks out in this one and ends up with close to 100 total yards and a score.
James Jones, WR
Jones will be seeing a lot of Joe Haden this weekend, I’m sure, but Haden has been beaten before and I think Jones is the kind of player that can make that happen again. It’s more of a hunch than anything else, but I’d start him over other WR3 options.

Andre Holmes, WR
Remember that time he had 20 targets in two games? Ha, yeah, those were the days. I think it’s safe to drop Andre 3000 times.

Ben Tate, RB
So many good RB match ups this week. Here’s another one. The Raiders are the 2nd worst team in the league when it comes to fantasy points per game to RBs. Cleveland loves to run the ball. These are reasons to start Ben Tate with a goofy smile on your face.
Andrew Hawkins, WR
Baby Hawk laid an egg two weeks ago, but then made up for it in a big way last weekend with over 100 yards receiving. Oakland isn’t giving up much through the air to WRs, but it’s because everybody just runs on them. I think Baby Hawk gets fed this week to the tune of double-digit targets and close to 100 yards again.

Brian Hoyer, QB
He’s been a game manager. Game managers can win you real life games and lose you fake seasons. Is it Johnny Football time in Cleveland yet?

Colts @ Steelers

Ahmad Bradshaw, RB
Bradshaw has been fantastic this year (especially for where you drafted him) and I expect that to continue against the so-so Steeler defense. Look for him to add another receiving TD to his numbers and about 85 total yards.
Dwayne Allen, TE
The Steelers have performed well against WRs this year, which kept me from putting T.Y. Hilton in this spot. Also, because the Steelers have performed poorly against TEs. Get him in your lineup, then trade him to me for Martellus Bennett’s bye next week.

Trent Richardson, RB
Trent’s dealing with a hammy injury and probably won’t get a ton of work in this one.

Antonio Brown, WR
Again, I hate to put obvious starts in these columns, but you have to respect just how fantastic Brown has been this year. The Colts are #1 in fantasy points allowed to WRs, which would give you pause if it were anybody but MANtonio. Start him.
Le’Veon Bell, RB
Another auto-start. Sorry folks. He’s just so good.

Markus Wheaton, WR
Markus will eventually be a really good WR for Pittsburgh, just not this season. The targets have been all over the place (but usually low) and the yardage totals have been abysmal. Oh, and Martavis Bryant. Drop Wheaton.

Packers @ Saints

Jordy Nelson, WR
Another day at the office for Jordy in a game that will feature both QBs flinging it around and will probably take 4 1/2 hours to complete because nobody will be running.
Randall Cobb, WR
I’ll just copy and paste these two guys and put them here every week.

James Starks, RB
Scored a TD last week, got injured last week. I think he’s supposed to be active this week, but I don’t trust him.

Jimmy Graham, TE
He didn’t see much action last week because of his shoulder, but I think things change dramatically this week and he goes off. Gimme 125 yards and 2 TDs.
Marcus Colston, WR
This one will be a high-scoring, primetime affair and the Saints are at home which means they’ll hang with the Pack. I think Colston has a solid game and accounts for around 100 yards and a score. 

Mark Ingram, RB
I know the Saints wanted to run the ball this season, but it hasn’t been winning any ball games for them because they have a miserable defense and can’t keep up by pounding the rock. Robinson and Pierre Thomas will both be out, I believe, which helps Ingram some, but I don’t think it helps enough. 


Redskins @ Cowboys

Colt Mc–I’m kidding.
DeSean Jackson, WR
He had a quite game last weekend, but he’s always a threat to score over the top and he should be in your lineup for that very reason.
Pierre Garcon, WR
The Redskins will see a lot of garbage time in this blowout and I think Garcon should see plenty of work as a result.

Colt McCoy, QB
Because, *Belly Laughs*. That’s why.

Dez Bryant, WR
Whew. Spoiler alert: FIELD DAY. Dez will go crazy against this pathetic Washington secondary and will score at least one TD.
Terrance Williams, WR
Terrance was quiet last week, which helped me a lot (I was facing him), but he still managed to score and I think he scores again this week to go along with his first 100 yard game of the season.  

Jason Witten, TE
I think Escobar will be overtaking Witten soon. Jason just hasn’t been very involved in the game plan, it appears.


I started this post several days ago and would just like to say, thank you, Branden Oliver, for your miserable game. It has instilled a false confidence in my chances of victory this weekend. Also, to all of you who read my TNF Start/Sit this week and set your lineup accordingly, you’re welcome. And finally, Keenan Allen. <3.

As always, if you don’t see your players, or if you see two guys that you’re torn between and I’m saying to start both of them, tweet me @waiverwagon and I will gladly flip a coin use my proven, accurate, scientific method of fantasy selection to provide you with the best possible choice. Good luck!

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