Week 9 Start/Sit – Remaining games

Posted: October 31, 2014 in Uncategorized

I’ve mentioned before that I’m a Panthers fan and a Cam Newton owner. TNF was unpleasant. It’s safe to say that I need a miracle to win this week. Maybe Mantonio Brown will be my knight in bumblebee armor? I shall hold out hope. I shall also pick up a new QB. 

Buccaneers @ Browns

Mike Evans, WR
VJax is a bit dinged up and Evans has really caught on lately. Glennon’s got some confidence in him and, while that doesn’t make him 100% startable, it’s a big bye week and most folks are hurting for options.
Charles Sims, RB
Just for fun, because I think he’s the new guy in Tampa. Martin is hurt, Rainey just fumbled his phone while reading this, and the Bucs coaches love Sims.

Mike Glennon, QB
Mike may have a hard time in this one due to the environment and the fact that Joe Haden will be shadowing Vincent Jackson if VJax plays. That being said, I’m starting him in my 2-QB league and hoping I’m wrong.

Ben Tate, RB
I have no idea what happened to this guy last week. I thought maybe he got injured when I didn’t see his name in the box scores. Let’s just assume that game was an anomaly and Tate gets back into bell cow mode against Tampa.
Andrew Hawkins, WR
This should be the Baby Hawk’s best game to date. Tampa is terrible in many special ways and Hawkins should have a field day.

Jordan Cameron, TE
I know you spent an early pick on the guy, but I just don’t trust him at this point. Is Tim Wright available? There’s a shootout looming in Foxborough.

Jaguars @ Bengals

Clay Harbor, TE
Here’s another TE that may be available in most leagues. Harbor has been heavily targeted lately and is starting to look like Bortles’ safety valve, which gives him significant value in this bye week madness.
Denard Robinson, RB
Shoelace already has a couple of 100-yard games under his belt and who knows, he may be at it again this weekend. Check him out if he’s still available in your league.

Blake Bortles, QB
Even on a bye week. Man is this guy’s season a mess. Bobby Rainey fumbled his phone, then Bortles picked it up and threw it to the other team for a pick-6.

Jeremy Hill, RB
This is a huge opportunity for Hill, provided Gio misses this game or ends up less than 100%. Go scoop him if he’s available and you need someone this week.
Mohamed Sanu, WR
I still don’t know about AJ Green, but I do know about Jacksonville’s “defense.” Start Sanu.

Andy Dalton, QB
Even though it’s a nice matchup, Dalton just isn’t a fantasy (or real life) starter. You might be forced to start him because of the bye, and he’ll probably be worth more than Cam was for me *shakes fist*, but gosh it must feel icky to see his name penciled into your lineup.

Cardinals @ Cowboys

Carson Palmer, QB
I’m going to complain for this entire article, ok? Palmer used to be available in my 16-teamer. I used to think Cam was going to turn things around this year. I should have used a waiver claim on Carson and sent Cam packing. Sigh.
Larry Fitzgerald, WR
Fitz is back, it seems, now that Carson is behind center. I’d use him again this week against a banged up Dallas defense that he should easily find holes in.

Dez Bryant, WR
I think Dez will be peppered with targets this weekend, especially if Romo misses this game. He’s an obvious start anyway, but I put him here so I could tell you to expect big things in this game.
Jason Witten, TE
Welcome to the Start side, Mr. Witten! I don’t have a ton of confidence here, but this is more of a speculative pick due to the fact that I’m expecting Romo to sit and Weeden to use Witten as the time-tested safety valve.

DeMarco Murray, RB
Wha?? I know. It’s just that he’s being ridden into the ground this year and Arizona will be the toughest test for him yet. I also think Dallas will start trying to lighten his load with a playoff berth on the horizon in order to keep him fresh.

Eagles @ Texans

Jeremy Maclin, WR
My favorite guy to put in the Start column. He’s literally here every week and, outside of Mantonio, Maclin’s the WR I trust the most in fantasy football.
LeSean McCoy, RB
JJ Watt and that Texan D-Line tend to be very aggressive when rushing the passer. I’m banking on Shady being able to slip by a missed assignment or two for a couple of big gains. I also expect significant work in the passing game as a means of slowing that pass rush down.

Nick Foles, QB
But.. But he threw for 400 last week! I know, but I’m facing him this week and I want to send some negative vibes his way I can see him running for his life in this one and dumping off to Shady quite a bit.

Ryan Fitzpatrick, QB
I can’t believe I’m saying this, but start Ryan Fitzpatrick this weekend. Unless you have a real QB on your roster that isn’t on bye. Philly’s secondary is that bad. 
Arian Foster, RB
Because he has something like 8 TDs in his last 4 games. Just wow.


Jets @ Chiefs

Eric Decker, WR
I don’t expect Vick to get the ball to many people in this one, but Decker should still see a high number of targets.
Chris Ivory, RB
The Chiefs boast a pretty solid defense, but Chris Ivory can run on anybody due to the fact that he wants to hit people more than they want to hit him.

Michael Vick, QB
Just don’t. Please.

Alex Smith, QB
Alex should be a solid bye week fill in if he’s available on your wire. The Jets have a bad pass defense and I expect Smith to take advantage of that.
Dwayne Bowe, WR
Bowe has been more and more active lately and, as I mentioned before, the Jets can’t really cover anybody. I’d roll him out there if my WRs were on bye. Or if they’re terrible.

Knile Davis, RB
The Jets still have a solid defensive line and I expect Charles to get 95% of the work in this one. Davis is droppable outside of the shallowest of leagues.

Chargers @ Dolphins

Malcom Floyd, WR
I almost put Keenan Allen here, but due to Miami’s ability to lock down WRs, I couldn’t do it. However, I think Floyd gets by them one time for a deep bomb. You could do worse.
Antonio Gates, TE
As I mentioned before, Miami shuts down WRs, but Gates looks matchup proof again. Also, he’s not a WR. Stick with him.

Branden Oliver, RB
Ryan Mathews is due back this week and Oliver has now turned into the halloween pumpkin. So long, sir. Unless you have a deep bench.

Mike Wallace, WR
San Diego doesn’t give up much through the air, but Wallace has been and will continue to be Miami’s best option.
Lamar Miller, RB
Miami will have a tough go of it, but I think Miller will benefit from the defense having traveled across the country and playing the early game. I’d give him a go until he proves me wrong.

Ryan Tannehill, QB
San Diego just doesn’t allow QBs to beat them. I don’t even see much hope for him in garbage time during this one.

Redskins @ Vikings

Alfred Morris, RB
This is a battle of two bad teams, but RG3 comes back this week and that should help Morris’s value more than anyone else’s. I think the Vikings will concentrate more on what RG3 brings to the table and that should open things up for Alf.
Robert Griffin III, QB
RG3 makes his return and couldn’t get much better of a matchup. I’m not saying he’s going to come out and set the world on fire, but I can definitely see him having some success against this defense.

Jordan Reed, TE
Every piece of this offense revolves around RG3 (that’s why I keep typing his name over and over), but I just don’t know that he’ll be looking for Reed too often this weekend. I think the Redskins will lean more on the run and that will either keep Reed off the field (because the other guys are better run-blockers) or keep him in the box.

Jerick McKinnon, RB
This is my desperation call. This is because I need him to play well this weekend for me to have a chance. This is because my new RB, Eddie Lacy is on his bye. Please, Jerick, please get 100 and a touch. Or two.
Cordarelle Patterson, WR
CP had a nice week last week where he saw 12 targets in the passing game and caught 6 of them for 86 yards. Always a big threat guy, Washington’s secondary loves to give up the big play and that sets up nicely for CP.

Matt Asiata, RB
And by sit, of course I mean drop. I think his role in this offense is completely unusable at this point.

Rams @ 49ers

Lance Kendricks, TE
If you need an emergency bye week TE, maybe Kendricks is the way to go. He’s caught a TD in three straight ball games and the Rams just lost their number one WR in Brian Quick.
Kenny Britt, WR
Britt had just two catches last week, but they went for 52 yards. I think he becomes the new #1 in St. Louis and starts it off with a decent game.

Austin Davis, QB
I started him out of desperation a few weeks ago when these two teams met on Monday Night Football. That was the week that Cam went crazy on my bench and I lost by like 7 points. Sad day.

Anquan Boldin, WR
Boldin continues to see lots of targets and has 7 catches in two straight games. I think you roll him out there against this terrible Rams team and enjoy the results.
Michael Crabtree, WR
Up and down, up and down. That’s Crabtree’s season lately. The Rams couldn’t have showed up on the schedule at a better time for this guy.

Frank Gore, RB
This may be backwards, but I think Frank has very little left in the tank. He hasn’t looked good at all lately and I think SF might start holding him back a bit to keep him fresh. This game has Carlos Hyde written all over it. 

Broncos @ Patriots

Julius Thomas, TE
This guy has absolutely disappeared lately. I think that changes this weekend in a cold-weather game in New England. Julius may be the only guy Peyton can get the ball to due to the fact that he might be the only one Peyton can see if the snow comes in as expected. 
Ronnie Hillman, RB
I think the best way for Denver to win this game is to lean heavily on Ronnie Hillman. New England is #2 in the league against the pass, but they drop all the way to #25 against the run in terms of yards allowed per game. 

Demaryius Thomas, WR
DT might have his hands full with the weather out there on Revis Island. 

Brandon LaFell, WR
LaFell just keeps getting better and better for the Pats. He has really seen his career take off this season with Tom Brady throwing him catchable passes. That’s something he’s never had from an NFL quarterback before. 
Rob Gronkowski, TE
Gronk will eat. This weather is perfect for a big guy like Gronk that hangs around the line of scrimmage and catches everything. I think he gets two TDs this week. 

Julian Edelman, WR
Edelman is still getting some targets in the passing game, but he just hasn’t made much out of them lately. I think it’s more of the same this week against a standout Denver defense. 

Raiders @ Seahawks

Just nobody. It’s in Seattle. Woof.

Everybody else. 

Marshawn Lynch, RB
I just traded Lynch for Eddie Lacy in my 16-teamer and this may be a rough weekend for me to watch. Beast Mode has been pretty quiet this year, but Oakland doesn’t play defense and I think the guy gets 125 yards and 2 scores. Buuuurn. 
Russell Wilson, QB
He just keeps doing it through the air and on the ground. How many people can throw for 300 and run for another 100 in the same game? He’s fun to watch.

Doug Baldwin, WR
I know he’s the guy now, but I still don’t trust Wilson to make any WR fantasy relevant on a consistent basis. 

Ravens @ Steelers

Justin Forsett, RB
Pittsburgh is actually pretty decent against the run, but Forsett has been on a roll lately and I expect that to be continue. He’s almost matchup proof at this point. 
Steve Smith, Sr., WR
Back to back so-so games may have you thinking about sitting Smitty, but I wouldn’t do it against Pittsburgh’s awful pass defense. Keep him in your lineup for now. 

Joe Flacco, QB
This is less about the opponent and more about the fact that Joe can’t have a consistent stretch of fantasy-worthy passing games. 

La’Veon Bell, RB
This is the first time I didn’t google the spelling of his first name *Fingers crossed* Anyway, the dude is unstoppable and that will continue. He’ll get his 100 total yards and I think he’ll even get *gasp* a TD. 
Martavis Bryant, WR
I googled his name. I’m sorry. Thought it was a u instead of an i. Dah. Anyways, the rook had a coming out party against a supposedly tough Colts secondary and he is a huge option with speed for Big Ben. I don’t know how it took so long to include him in the offense, but he’s there to stay now. 

Markus Wheaton, WR
I dropped him a few weeks ago in my 10-teamer and I think you should too. He’s been replaced by Bryant and won’t be getting many looks going forward. 

Colts @ Giants

Ahmad Bradshaw, RB
Oooh. The revenge game. But also, oooh, that Giants rushing “defense.” Start this guy and enjoy yourself. 
Donte Moncrief, WR
Hotty Toddy, sir. Welcome to the league. Moncrief had himself a ball game last week in Reggie Wayne’s absence and whether Wayne misses another week or not, I think Donte has made a place for himself in the lineup for Indy.


Odell Beckham Jr., WR
Odell had a great game in his first as a starter with two TD catches. I would like to see this continue this weekend against a Colts secondary that just got burned to the ground by Pittsburgh. 
Larry Donnell, TE
Donnell popped back onto the fantasy radar in his last game vs the Cowboys and I hope Eli remembers that. We shall see. 

Eli Manning, QB
He’s just too hard to trust in fantasy. Kinda like Cam Newton. *shudders*

Don’t see your guys? You know the drill. Tweet @waiverwagon and ask me what I think. I will answer you, and maybe even follow your guys to see if I answered correctly. Don’t get excited. I do it because I’m a married man and occasionally I want to be right about something. Good luck!



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