Start/Sit Week 10 – Remaining games

Posted: November 6, 2014 in Uncategorized

Woof. Thursday Night Football was not fun for anybody unless they were Terrance West owners. Maybe Isaiah Crowell owners too, but you probably didn’t start him unless you were desperate. That game was pretty much as exciting as I expected it to be. The good news here, is that I didn’t have anybody playing in that game. The bad news here, is that I wasn’t playing against anybody from Cincy. I digress, it is officially Week 10 and that means we have much to cover. Read on, adjust your lineups accordingly, dominate your league. That’s how it works. Enjoy!


Titans @ Ravens

Zach Mettenberger, QB
Because it’s a bye week, and by this point Orton and Sanchez are probably taken in your league.
Kendall Wright, WR
Zach’s gonna have to throw to somebody, right? I’ll throw a dart and choose Wright.

Bishop Sankey, RB
Balty doesn’t let people run and Bishop Sankey doesn’t seem to want to anyway. Plus his team will be down early and often.

Justin Forsett, RB
I expect the Ravens to easily dispose of Tennessee here and Forsett should benefit the most.
Owen Daniels, TE
Daniels has had a career resurgence in Baltimore and I expect that to continue this week. Flacco will probably be looking short for most of the game after Balty starts pulling away and Daniels is a guy that should benefit.

Steve Smith, WR
Smitty has slowed down tremendously and I just don’t see much changing. I can’t trust him in my lineup anymore.


Chiefs @ Bills

Travis Kelce, TE
I don’t expect a lot of downfield work for Alex Smith in this one so Kelce should get some looks.
Dwayne Bowe, WR
Again, I don’t see big plays this week, but Bowe can make things happen in the short-intermediate area and I expect lots of work this week.

Alex Smith, QB
Buffalo shuts QBs down and should be in his face all day. Look for dump offs and short throws.

Robert Woods, WR
Sammy injured his groin in practice Wednesday, so if he has to miss or is limited, I like Woods’ chances.
Anthony Dixon, RB
Welcome to your last week of moderate fantasy relevance, Mr. Boobie. FJax should be back next week but Dixon is the guy one more time if you need him.

Kyle Orton, QB
I know, I’ve recommended him twice (if you read the TNF post, once, if you didn’t), but that’s only if you don’t have other options. KC is a tough matchup and Orton might be missing Sammy Watkins.


Dolphins @ Lions

Charles Clay, TE
Clay had a big game last week and Miami will need the same this week with Miller hurting and the Lions D shutting everything down.
Ryan Tannehill, QB
Again, it’s a bye week recommendation. Detroit obviously scares you, but Tannehill’s been hot and your regular guy may be off this week.

Lamar Miller, RB
Even if he plays, I can’t start him. Shoulder injury+Detroit DLine=Bad fantasy day.

Calvin Johnson, WR
In case you were on the fence. Climb down and get him back in your lineup.
Matt Stafford, QB
Stafford hasn’t been great lately, but Miami has a good run defense and Stafford will probably be slinging it to Megatron all game long.

Reggie Bush, RB
Reggie has been just as banged up as we all expected and as I mentioned before, Miami has a solid defense. Also, RBBC.


Cowboys @ Jaguars

DeMarco Murray, RB
But duh, right? Well Romo is hurt and Dallas should lean on Murray even more than usual.
Dez Bryant, WR
Another obvious start, I’m sorry.

Tony Romo, QB
I know it’s hard to do with the guys sitting on bye this week, but I don’t think Tony finishes this game, and he may not even start it.

Denard Robinson, RB
This guy is awesome. I wish I would have had a roster spot when I could’ve snagged him. I passed, he got picked up and has blown up. Keep using him.
Allen Hurns, WR
Garbage time stats are fantasy stats.

Cecil Shorts, WR
He’s missed practice and I don’t know at this point if he plays.


49ers @ Saints

Frank Gore, RB
He’s going to have to be more involved if San Fran wants to open up their offense and keep up with the Saints.
Michael Crabtree, WR
I don’t know who’s going to be covered by Keenan Lewis, but if it isn’t Crabtree, he could have a solid game here.

Vernon Davis, TE
What a lost season. It probably won’t get any better I’m afraid.

Mark Ingram, RB
This guy is a beast. I know San Fran should get Willis back at LB this week, but he’s not what he once was and neither is Ingram.
Brandin Cooks WR
Cooks loves playing at home and the Saints love to get him involved on turf where his wheels make him unstoppable. Start him.

Kenny Stills, WR
Stills is too hit or miss to trust in anybody’s lineup.


Steelers @ Jets

Antonio Brown, WR
He’s the best. Period.
Martavis Bryant, WR
He’s been benefitting in a big way by people trying to cover Brown. Also, the Jets might have the worst secondary in the game.

La’Veon Bell, RB
Bell is typically an every week must start back, but I think he might have a hard time finding running lanes against this physical Jets D (see last week’s usage of Blount).

Chris Ivory, RB
It’s hard to say what type of fight the Jets will be able to muster in this one, but either way, it should revolve around keeping the Steelers off the field and running the heck out of Ivory.
Percy Harvin, WR
I can see this being Harvin’s biggest game as a Jet so far and going forward. I expect some work out of the backfield as well as bubble screens and slot slants.

Michael Vick, QB
Good! *Dispenses treat*


Falcons @ Buccaneers

Steven Jackson, RB
SJax is likely playing in his last season as a starting running back. I don’t know if he feels that way just yet or not, but I just can’t see him continuing to carry the load in this league much longer. That being said, I think we get a throwback vintage SJax game against Tampa this weekend.
Roddy White, WR
Julio Jones has been letting people down this year, as have the Falcons in general. I think he’ll get his this weekend, but my hunch is telling me Roddy has the better game. Thanks, Hunch!

Nobody. It’s Tampa Bay.

Bobby Rainey, RB
I expect some Charles Sims in this one as well, but I think Rainey has a good game to make up for that one time I (and thousands of others) picked him up and he messed the bed against Atlanta.
Mike Evans, WR
I expect both Tampa receivers to be active in this one as they’ll be playing some catchup and generally just trying to hang with Atlanta.

Josh McCown, QB
Because Tampa has completely given up on this season and they want to see what they have in McCown. SPOILER ALERT: Nothing.


Broncos @ Raiders

Ronnie Hillman, RB
And boy is it a tasty matchup. Hillman has performed fantastically against much better defenses so far so a matchup against Oakland has to have his owners salivating.
Emmanuel Sanders, WR
Manny Sanders has been awesome this year, plain and simple. Peyton loves him and will continue to feed him the football.

Nobody. It’s Oakland.

Derek Carr, QB
Carr has done an admirable job in the fantasy wasteland that is Oakland, California. He keeps the Raiders in games and should have to throw a ton this week.
Mychal Rivera, TE
Rivera has been getting some hype lately and I’m buying in. If you need help at TE and Owen Daniels isn’t available, take a look at Rivera this week and going forward.

James Jones, WR
Denver shuts down opposing #1 WRs.


Rams @ Cardinals

Kenny Britt, WR
Because Brian Quick is gone and somebody has to catch all of those Austin Davis non-interceptions.
Benny Cunningham, RB
But I don’t feel great about it. If you’re totally out of options, I’d start Benny just because he’s the guy that can catch it out of the backfield and the Rams should be forced to throw a lot.

Austin Davis, QB
Every other week this kid seems to be worth negative points. I’m thinking this is an other week.

Andre Ellington, RB
Arizona is a passing offense now that Palmer is back, but fortunately, Ellington is an RB with good hands. I think he’ll get a ton of work in this one.
Carson Palmer, QB
Speaking of Palmer, here’s your bye week QB fill in of the year. Enjoy.

Michael Floyd, WR
Palmer has been looking John Brown’s way on the deep ball and that was something I was counting on Floyd to be getting. Dah.


Giants @ Seahawks

Odell Beckham Jr., WR
What a game last week, right? I needed 100 yards from him to win my week and he got me 156! Keep starting him, even against THE BEST PLAYER IN THE WORLD!
Larry Donnell, TE
I think I’ve mentioned before that Eli Manning loves tight ends. That’s a partially unintended innuendo. He likes throwing to Donnell. Start Donnell.

Andre Williams, RB
Rashad Jennings might be back and Andre just can’t be trusted in this road matchup against Seattle’s D.

Marshawn Lynch, RB
I traded him last week. He had a big game. He will have another one this week and then promptly disappear for the season and validate my decision. Oh, and start him.
Doug Baldwin, WR
It’s always a crapshoot trying to predict who Russell Wilson will throw to, but this week the dart I threw didn’t hit anything, but I didn’t get called for intentional grounding because: A) I was in the tackle box, B) Baldwin was in the general area, and C) I’m secretly Tom Brady and nobody wanted to hear me whine.



Bears @ Packers

Matt Forte, RB
I think he’s going to run wild this week. There’s nothing more to say.
Martellus Bennett, TE
I think he’s out to prove his doubters wrong this year and that TD trend will continue like it did during the season’s first month.

Brandon Marshall, WR
What happened to this guy? I mean, I was avoiding him in drafts this year for a couple of reasons, but I didn’t expect him to fall so hard. Yikes.

Eddie Lacy, RB
Because he scores against Chicago every time. In fact, if Green Bay just played Chicago every week, Lacy would have 16 TDs per season. Also, Rodgers may still be slightly gimpy which would cause them to run it with Lacy a bit more I think (I hope).
Randall Cobb, WR
Pick a Green Bay receiver. Any Green Bay receiver will do.



Panthers @ Eagles

Cam Newton, QB
Because you’re a masochist. Also because it’s a 16-team league and you missed out on the FAAB bid for Mark Sanchez.
Kelvin Benjamin, WR
If he learns to hang on to end zone drops, he will be a top 15 WR for the rest of this season.

Panthers RBs
They don’t run anymore and when they do, they’re getting hit 3 yards behind the line by the offensive guards/tackles that are being driven back into them. Ugh.

Jeremy Maclin, WR
Sweet, sweet, Jeremy Maclin.
Mark Sanchez, QB
This is it. If there ever was a plug-and-play offense, it’s the one Sanchez find himself the leader of now. Oh, and he gets Carolina his first time out?? Haha Must start.

Nobody. Again.

Alright folks, that wraps up the Week 10 edition! I hope you’re headed to the playoffs and planning your lineups accordingly. Don’t be afraid of the late season trade and don’t be afraid to dump a guy that hasn’t helped you get to this point. Handcuff your RBs if you haven’t already and DON’T GET CUTE. As always, if you don’t see your guys on this list, tweet me @waiverwagon and I will do everything within my power to accurately predict the future and tell you which guy you should start and which one you should sit. Good Luck!

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