Week 11 Start/Sit – Remaining games

Posted: November 13, 2014 in Uncategorized

Welcome to another edition of Start/Sit! This time, we’re looking at Week 11. I know, you’re shocked. Week 10 showed us why we always start our studs, but Week 11 may have a couple of decent surprises. Read ahead to find out. Or don’t, if suspense is your thing. 

Falcons @ Panthers

Julio Jones, WR
Julio has been kind of a disappointment overall this year, but there’s at least one thing way more disappointing than his performance this year: Carolina’s defense. Start him and watch him have his best game.
Steven Jackson, RB
Another disappointment this year, albeit with lower expectations, Jackson will certainly have a chance to show that he still has some gas in the tank against this sloppy, tackle-missing, bad-angle-taking “defense.”

I honestly can’t recommend sitting anybody against this defense. That is so sad. There are only three or four defenses that I would start everybody against, and this one is near the top of that list.

Kelvin Benjamin, WR
This guy just keeps on keeping on. Last week he couldn’t get anything going because Cam always had his back turned to him while he was running for his life immediately after taking the snap. What ended up happening? Two garbage time TDs for KB.
Cam Newton, QB
This is his last chance for my team, though. He has been so pitiful this year due to his gimpy ankle/ribs/Offensive Line. Atlanta does not have a pass rush (which is what they said about Philly, by the way, and then 9 sacks later..), and Cam might actually have 2 seconds to make a decision and throw the ball too high for anybody to catch. How’s that for an endorsement?

DeAngelo Williams, RB
He just shouldn’t be starting for anybody anymore and he’s missing practices this week. AVOID.

Vikings @ Bears

Jerick McKinnon, RB
But you’ll be frustrated when Asiata comes in and steals his carries in the redzone. I think this may actually be the week that McKinnon scores from more than 20 yards.
Kyle Rudolph, TE
The Bears are the worst in the league at defending TEs and Rudolph is rumored to be returning this week. I’d start him if my options were thin. And maybe even if they weren’t.

Teddy Bridgewater, QB
Chicago isn’t exactly a terrifying matchup, but it’s on the road and he’s a rookie. Look around for a better option if you’re considering starting Teddy.

Matt Forte, RB
The Vikings have a bit of trouble against RBs and Forte just keeping chugging along this year. This may finally be a game where his team plays with the lead and leans on him to milk the clock.
Alshon Jeffery, WR
Talk about being hit or miss, that’s been Jeffery’s year so far. However, Brandon Marshall suffered an injury last week and may be limited at best, so you start Jeffery as Cutler’s favorite target in this one.

Jay Cutler, QB
Unless you don’t have anybody else, I’d sit Cutler this week. The Vikings are actually pretty good when it comes to fantasy points allowed to QBs.

Texans @ Browns

Arian Foster, RB
He may be the only offense that Houston has in this one, now that Ryan Mallet will be their starting QB. Expect a heavy dose of Foster throughout this game.
DeAndre Hopkins, WR
The Browns are slightly below average when it comes to allowing fantasy points to WRs and Joe Haden will probably be covering Andre Johnson in this one, leaving Hopkins with added opportunities.

Ryan Mallet, QB
But you weren’t going to start him anyway, right? RIGHT??

Terrance West, RB
The Texans are actually allowing solid points to fantasy RBs this season. Also, Cleveland loves to run the football. I’d start him.
Brian Hoyer, QB
The Texans are middle of the pack against QBs and Hoyer has been up and down this year. He may, however, be the second most startable option on Cleveland’s offense since Andrew Hawkins is missing practice.

Ben Tate, RB
For whatever reason, Tate seems to have slipped into at least the second and maybe the third option for Cleveland when it comes to carrying the ball.

Seahawks @ Chiefs

Marshawn Lynch, RB
The Chiefs’ defense is good, like really good, like hasn’t-allowed-a-rushing-TD-this-year good. Marshawn Lynch is better.
Russell Wilson, QB
The Chiefs are also good against the pass, but Wilson and Lynch are the only two guys on this offense you can put in your lineup and feel good about.

Doug Baldwin, WR
He’s probably the only other guy on Seattle that you’re thinking about playing and I’d play somebody else. I really don’t expect Seattle to do much in this one offensively.

Jamaal Charles, RB
I know, it’s Seattle, but this is for all of you that were thinking of benching Charles because of the matchup. Don’t do that. It’s too late in the season to start getting cute.
Travis Kelce, TE
The Seahawks are actually bottom 5 in terms of fantasy points allowed to TEs, and Kansas City WRs don’t catch TDs. Start Kelce.

Alex Smith, QB
I doubt you have many options if you’re considering starting Smith, but I’d still take one more look at the waiver wire (Josh McCown, anyone?).

Bengals @ Saints

Jeremy Hill, RB
The Saints are pretty bad against the run and Hill should get at least one more start in place of Gio Bernard. I’d roll the dice one more time with Jeremy.
Mohamed Sanu, WR
The Saints are bottom 5 against WRs and AJ should be blanketed by Keenan Lewis, if Lewis starts this one. I’d play Sanu and expect him to get back on track.

Andy Dalton, QB
Andy Dalton is not a fantasy football quarterback.

Mark Ingram, RB
Ingram has been a monster so far this year and I expect that to continue against a Bengals defense that’s allowing the 4th most fantasy points per game to RBs.
Pierre Thomas, RB
With Robinson and Cadet likely to miss this matchup, Pierre Thomas should get some opportunities to touch the football again.

Marques Colston, WR
The Bengals absolutely shut down WRs and Colston can’t really be trusted anymore anyway.

49ers @ Giants

Frank Gore, RB
Gore is an auto-start this week after what Marshawn Lynch did to this defense last week. I know Gore isn’t quite the RB that Lynch is, but he’ll definitely get his work in. I’m looking for at least 85 and a touch.
Carlos Hyde, RB
The Giants are pretty good against QBs and WRs, and the 49ers aren’t great in those two departments, so I’m throwing Carlos Hyde’s name out there. He hasn’t gotten many carries, but he found the end zone last week and is the 49ers’ go-to RB in the red zone.

Vernon Davis, TE
He just hasn’t been involved in the offense lately and I’m not sure why. He may be hurt, or he may be covered, but he may NOT be in my lineup.

Odell Beckham Jr., WR
I know he’s an every week start now, but I’m just going to keep putting him here in case you don’t know that yet. He has been essentially matchup proof and looks like Eli’s new #1.
Rashad Jennings, RB
This may be a bit of a ground and pound game between both teams (with SF having more success on the ground and the Giants getting pounded). As such, I expect Jennings to come back and have a pretty nice game.

Eli Manning, QB
He’s usually good for some garbage stats, but I don’t think there will be many available in this one.

Broncos @ Rams

Emmanuel Sanders, WR
The Rams can’t stop WRs and that will not change this weekend. Manny Sanders has been fantastic all season long and I expect 100 yards and a score in this one.
Demaryius Thomas, WR
Did I mention yet that the Rams can’t stop WRs? Well this guy should be pretty excited about that. Keep him in your lineup.

Broncos RBs
Because we don’t know which one will be getting the carries. I’d like to lean CJ Anderson, but Ball is supposed to be back this week and I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised if he jumps right back into a starting role.

Jared Cook, TE
Hey, it’s my friend’s brother! Jared caught a TD pass last week and plays the only position that the Broncos seem to struggle with. I’d start him this week if I was feeling frisky.
Shaun Hill, QB
I doubt he does much, but maybe Joe Flacco is your QB and Josh McCown is not on the wire. You never know..

Rams RBs
Another RBBC. I just don’t know which one will get the carries and the Broncos eat RBs alive anyway.

Buccaneers @ Redskins

Josh McCown, QB
But you knew that by now, right? McCown has regained his starting role and looked decent last week in garbage time. Washington has a pitiful secondary and I expect McCown to take full advantage.
Mike Evans, WR
Evans has looked fantastic lately and I expect him to have a big day. Give me two TDs.

Bobby Rainey, RB
Washington is still a tough matchup for RBs and the Bucs may use more of a committee approach with Sims and Rainey. Is Doug Martin still alive? Who knows.

Robert Griffin III, QB
Tampa Bay is the worst in the game when it comes to fantasy points to WRs and 5th worst when it comes to defending QBs. RG3 might have himself a day.
DeSean Jackson, WR
Speaking of having themselves a day, DJax should be good for at least one long score in this one.

Jordan Reed, TE
Tampa is actually pretty good at slowing down TEs, so I don’t expect Reed to do much this weekend. Also, he hasn’t done anything lately, so I don’t expect Reed to do much this weekend.

Raiders @ Chargers

Derek Carr, QB
The Chargers are actually in the bottom 10 vs QBs in fantasy. Derek Carr gets most of his stats in garbage time and I think there will be plenty of that here.
Darren McFadden, RB
San Diego is a middle of the pack defense against fantasy RBs, and McFadden is a middle of the pack fantasy running back. It’s a dream matchup.

Mychal Rivera, TE
I know he’s everybody’s fantasy darling, but the Chargers are among the best in the league against TEs. I can’t trust Rivera this week. 

Philip Rivers, QB
I don’t know who your other options are, but if their names aren’t Luck or Manning, then Rivers is the QB you start this weekend. His team got shut out two weeks ago and he’s had a bye week to fume about it. Watch out, Oakland.
Malcom Floyd, WR
Floyd had a big day against Oakland last time and I expect it to happen again. He’s still getting enough targets each week to make him startable and I think he hooks up with Rivers on at least one deep ball in this one.

Branden Oliver, RB
I certainly think he’ll still have a role in this offense, but I’m not expecting him to go off like he did last time he faced the Raiders. Ryan Mathews should be back this week and will regain his starting role, plus Rivers will probably take over this game through the air.

Lions @ Cardinals

Golden Tate, WR
Tate just keeps getting it done. Many feared that he would disappear once Megatron returned, but that has not been the case. I expect plenty of work from Calvin in this one, but I think Tate will get 100 yards as well.
Calvin Johnson, WR
Speaking of Megatron, don’t be phased by the Patrick Peterson coverage. Start him as you normally would. Which is every single week.

Joique Bell, RB
And all other Lions RBs, too. The Cardinals are pretty great against the run and I just don’t see anybody for Detroit getting anything going.

Do I have to? OK…
Larry Fitzgerald, WR
I can’t trust anybody against this Lions defense, but if I had to pick SOMEBODY, it would be the cagey veteran.
John Brown, WR
Again, it’s hard to like anybody because Detroit seems to be #1 in everything when it comes to fantasy points allowed by position, but maybe Brown gets behind them for a big play.

Drew Stanton, QB
Because ew, Drew. Horrible matchup, first start (in a while), below-average QB. No + Thank = You.

Eagles @ Packers

Mark Sanchez, QB
Sanchez stepped right in and looked the part last week against my Panthers. Green Bay certainly presents a much tougher matchup, but I still think he comes away with a respectable line in an offense and game that will require much passing of the pigskin.
Jeremy Maclin, WR
What a dud last week! I was absolutely shocked that, in a game where Philly scored 45 points, Jeremy Maclin laid an egg. It won’t happen again. Trade him to me though, just in case it does. You know, cause it might. You want Keenan Allen for him? Dah..

LeSean McCoy, RB
Shady salvaged an otherwise rough game last week with a TD, but I think he’s a sit this week in a tough road matchup. Green Bay isn’t great against the run, but if you can’t run on Carolina, who can you run on? 

Eddie Lacy, RB
Lacy was very successful in the passing game last week and has at least three receptions in three straight games. I expect that to continue, along with some success on the ground against this middle of the pack rush defense. Also, Green Bay is at home, and it’s cold outside. Feed Eddie Lacy. 
Jordy Nelson, WR
I know he’s an auto-start, but geez, how fantastic has this guy been? I’ll trade you any two players on my team for him right now. 

Andrew Quarless, TE
The Eagles are pretty stout against TEs and you never know about Green Bay TEs anyways. They’re like Colts TEs in that way. 

Patriots @ Colts

Rob Gronkowski, TE
Gronk smash! Also, the Colts aren’t great at defending TEs. 
Shane Vereen, RB
I hate putting a Patriots RB here, but I just don’t see Jonas Gray being very involved and the Colts aren’t great at stopping the run. 

Brandon LaFell, WR
Indy doesn’t allow fantasy points to WRs and LaFell is battling strep throat right now. He shouldn’t miss the game, but he’ll see plenty of Vontae Davis and that alone is enough to make most WRs sick.

Dwayne Allen, TE
The Patriots don’t defend TEs very well and Allen has become Luck’s favorite target between his two TEs lately. I think he scores in this one. 
Ahmad Bradshaw, RB
He isn’t getting a ton of carries, but he’s been getting points. The Patriots like giving up stats to RBs, which is just another reason to start him. 

Reggie Wayne, WR
Reggie will be facing a very tough matchup this week and I think it gets the best of him. Start someone else if you can. 

Steelers @ Titans

Le’Veon Bell, RB
Bell hasn’t been as awesome lately, but he’s still getting targets in the passing game and is still seeing double-digit carries to go with those targets. I like him this week against a team that struggles to stop the run. 
Heath Miller, TE
He’s getting the targets and the Titans aren’t the greatest at defending TEs. He’s certainly worth a start. 

LeGarrette Blount, RB
Blount may see a few carries/targets in this one, but he doesn’t get enough work to be trusted in your lineup. 

Delanie Walker, TE
Pittsburgh allows a fair amount of fantasy points to TEs so far this year and Walker is Tennessee’s best receiving option right now. 
Zach Mettenberger, QB
Zach hasn’t looked great so far, but he’s been decent enough and should see some garbage time stats in what figures to be a blowout in favor of Pittsburgh. 

Bishop Sankey, RB
Sankey should get a full workload in this one, but Pittsburgh is getting better against RBs and Tennessee will most likely have to throw to try to keep up. 

And there it is, Wagoners. Week 11 starts tonight with Thursday Night Football (read my last column for my thoughts on TNF) so set your lineups and as always, tweet your questions to me @waiverwagon. Thanks for reading and good luck this weekend! Screen Shot 2014-09-20 at 9.56.05 PM





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