First of all, congratulations Oakland Raiders for your TNF upset! It’s the second biggest upset of the season (with the biggest upset obviously coming from the Latavius Murray owners who left him on their bench). I told you to bench DMC, I mentioned Murray being one of my primary reasons, but I certainly couldn’t have predicted that sort of outburst of fantasy goodness. Unfortunately, it appears as though Murray may have gotten a concussion in the contest so we may not hear much more out of him this season, depending on the severity. Moving on, let’s take a look at what’s left of Week 12 of our fantasy season.

Browns @ Falcons

Josh. Gordon., WR
Well, well, well, what do we have here? The NFL’s #1 receiver in his first game back from suspension and ready to “tear this league up?” Sign me up. Let’s not go crazy and assume he has a huge game or anything. Actually, let’s: 8/147/2. That shall be his line. 

Terrance West, RB
The Browns RB situation is such a crapshoot at this point that I wouldn’t start any of them. If I were desperate, I’d consider Crowell, but that’s it. 

Roddy White, WR
Julio will probably draw Joe Haden in this one and I could see the Browns getting up early, causing Atlanta to have to throw. I like Roddy if this happens.

Steven Jackson, RB
Cleveland has been pretty good against the run this season and I don’t think this will be much of a run-oriented game. I expect Atlanta to want to open things up with some passes and I also expect them to trail. This doesn’t set up well for SJax.

Buccaneers @ Bears

Josh McCown, QB
The Bears are giving up the 3rd most points to QBs this year and McCown looked pretty solid last week. Expect more chucking it deep to Mike Evans in this one. 

Charles Sims, RB
Sims looked pretty rusty last weekend and has apparently aggravated his ankle injury. I’d avoid/drop him at this point. 

Martellus Bennett, TE
Things haven’t been great for Bennett lately, but he’s still a big redzone target and Brandon Marshall might be gimpy again this week. Plus, he’s facing Tampa’s soft D. I’d roll him out there. 

Brandon Marshall, WR
As I just mentioned, Marshall is dealing with an ankle issue and has just returned to practice in a limited fashion. I don’t think he’ll miss the game, but I’d look at other options if I had them. 

Bengals @ Texans

AJ Green, WR
The Texans are the worst in the league when it comes to fantasy points allowed to WRs. This is the ideal matchup for Green to really get things rolling after his big game last week. 

Giovani Bernard, RB
He returned to practice this week, but you have to think that, with the recent success of Jeremy Hill, the Bengals may want to ease Bernard into things. 

Alfred Blue, RB
This is assuming Arian Foster sits this one out. If Foster starts, you have to play him against Cincy’s league worst defense in terms of fantasy points to RBs. Otherwise, it’s Blue’s show again and he should not disappoint. 

DeAndre Hopkins, WR
The Bengals are #1 in the league when it comes to fantasy points allowed to WRs. I’d leave Hopkins on the bench if I had other options this week. 

Jaguars @ Colts

Denard Robinson, RB
Robinson just keeps getting it done and you know he’s excited to face the defense that just got burned for 200 by a guy making his first NFL start a week ago. I’d roll him out there with confidence. 

Cecil Shorts, WR
I know he should be getting most of the targets this week, but he’ll also be lined up across from Vontae Davis. This, coupled with Blake Bortles’ ineptitude, should make for a yawner of a game from Shorts. 

Trent Richardson, RB
Let me know when you stop laughing. Alright, ready? Good. TRich is awful. He really is. However, this is more about the matchup and workload than it is the talent. I see him crossing the century mark this week and the goal line shortly thereafter. Even if it takes him 30 carries to do it. 

Coby Fleener, TE
I can’t really recommend sitting anybody against Jacksonville, but if there was ONE person I had to suggest, it would be Coby. The Jags are somewhat decent at defending TEs and I think Luck will be slinging it all over the field to everybody else this week. 

Packers @ Vikings

Eddie Lacy, RB
Minny loves to give it up to RBs on the ground and through the air. Lacy has looked much better at both recently and I think this may end up being his best game of the season. 

I can’t sit anybody in this Green Bay offense right now. I’m sorry. Kinda. 

Jerick McKinnon, RB
I know Minny just signed Ben Tate (for whatever reason), but I still think they want to feature McKinnon and see if he can be their guy. Green Bay is still a good matchup on the ground and I think there will be some room to run. 

Teddy Bridgewater, QB
This could get ugly. Teddy may be forced to use his legs in this one and might end up with a decent amount of rushing yardage, but I expect a couple of turnovers and several sacks. 

Lions @ Patriots

Joique Bell, RB
Bell has hit his stride recently and New England does not pose much of a threat when it comes to stopping the run. I’d stick with Bell here and look for about 85 yards and a touch. 

Matt Stafford, QB
The Patriots are pretty solid against fantasy QBs and Stafford has been pretty bad at fantasy QB lately. Bench him if you have any other options. 

Rob Gronkowski, TE
The Lions’ only weakness seems to be against TEs, and they’re still pretty good against them. However, it’s Gronk and you’re never sitting him anyway. 

Jonas Gray, RB
I know, he ran for 200 yards last weekend. The good news is, fantasy football is a week to week game and this week he faces one of the top run defenses in the league. Sit the guy for whoever you started over him last weekend. 

Titans @ Eagles

Zach Mettenberger, QB
The Eagles are one of the worst teams in the league against fantasy quarterbacks. Mettenberger looked pretty decent last week against Pittsburgh and I think he has a better game here. I expect Tennessee to be behind in this one and Zach will have to throw it. 

Bishop Sankey, RB
The Eagles are slightly better than average against fantasy RBs and Sankey is a slightly below average fantasy RB. 

Mark Sanchez, QB
Sanchez looked awful last week, I know. The good news is, he still wound up with well over 300 yards and two TDs (three, if you count the one he threw to Julius Peppers!). I think he bounces back in a big way at home this week. 

Zach Ertz, TE
He just hasn’t been involved in the offense. I can’t explain it, other than Philly wants better blocking. Avoid him if you can. 

Rams @ Chargers

Kenny Britt, WR
The Chargers are middle of the pack against fantasy WRs and Britt seems to be getting more involved in the Rams offense each week. Start him if you need a guy.

Jared Cook, TE
He’s hit or miss and the Chargers are solid against fantasy TEs. 

Keenan Allen, WR
Keenan Allen! I think I’ve recommended him four times now? He’s had 2 good games out of 3 recs for me, so let’s see if I can go 3 out of 4 here. The Rams are the 4th worst team in the league when it comes to fantasy points allowed to WRs. Make them pay, Keenan. I need you. 

Ryan Mathews, RB
He looked pretty good last week, but that was Oakland. St. Louis has a much better defense and they’re riding high after shutting down Peyton and the Broncos. I’d sit Mathews this week. 

Cardinals @ Seahawks

Andre Ellington, RB
Gosh, I hate to recommend anybody against Seattle IN Seattle, but the only semi-weakness in that defense so far has been against the run so if you’re desperate, here you go.

Drew Stanton, QB
Seattle is where QBs go to die. Please don’t start Stanton. 

Doug Baldwin, WR
The Cardinals have been pretty friendly to fantasy WRs so far this year, so I’d start Doug if I didn’t have any other options. 

Marshawn Lynch, RB
I can’t feel good about recommending sitting Beast Mode, but dude’s hurt and the Cards D will be looking for blood in this one. 

Dolphins @ Broncos

Ryan Tannehill, QB
The only position that succeeds against the Broncos is the QB. And that’s only because everybody has to throw to keep up. 

Lamar Miller, RB
Denver doesn’t allow rushing yards to anybody, ever. Sit the guy if you have any other options. Start him if you want 2 points out of your RB this week.

CJ Anderson, RB
The Dolphins are so-so against the run this year and Anderson has looked good so far. There shouldn’t be much competition for touches, either, as Hillman and Ball are hurt and the Broncos won’t let Thompson handle the load. 

Emmanuel Sanders, WR
Sanders got a concussion last week and may end up missing this game. Even if he plays, I’d look elsewhere this week in case he isn’t 100%.

Redskins @ 49ers

Desean Jackson, WR
The 49ers just don’t give up anything to anybody as far as fantasy is concerned, so I’ll throw DJax out there and hope for a bomb. 

Alfred Morris, RB
I think Washington will be down early and Morris will have tough sledding either way. 

Anquan Boldin, WR
This guy has been red hot lately and should keep with that trend this weekend. Kaep’s getting him the ball with regularity and Boldin is rewarding him for it. Oh, and Washington has a terrible secondary. 

Frank Gore, RB
Washington is pretty decent at stopping the run, so I expect Gore to have a rather pedestrian day. Chances are, even if San Fran gets up early in this one, they’ll be more inclined to give Carlos Hyde the garbage carries over Gore to keep Frank the Tank fresh. 

Cowboys @ Giants

DeMarco Murray, RB
Because he’s the best in the league and will probably win you the championship this year. 

Dez Bryant, WR
I could see Dallas just grinding this game away with Murray and giving Tony Romo some rest. This will obviously not sit well with Dez Bryant, who might maul a few gatorade coolers in response. 

Odell Beckham, Jr., WR
He’s just having a monster year and I can’t see it slowing down any time soon. 

Eli Manning, QB
Eli just doesn’t have it this year. I don’t see him bouncing back from throwing 5 INTs in his last game. 

Jets “@” Bills (In Detroit)

Percy Harvin, WR
If you still own him, I suppose you have to start him this week. 

Chris Ivory, RB
The Bills have been great against fantasy running backs and Ivory just hasn’t looked very good recently. 

Sammy Watkins, WR
The Jets are pretty bad against fantasy WRs and Sammy Watkins is a fantastic fantasy WR. 

Fred Jackson, RB
Until we know how healthy he is, you just can’t trust Jackson yet. 

Ravens @ Saints

Justin Forsett, RB
The Saints are pretty bad against fantasy RBs this year and they aren’t unbeatable at home like they’ve been in years past. 

Torrey Smith, WR
I was going to sit Steve Smith Sr. in this one, but it’s a prime time game against New Orleans. He loves both of those things too much to be as bad as he’s been. I’ll sit Torrey instead. 

Kenny Stills, WR
I just missed claiming this guy off waivers this week. With Cooks getting injured, I see Stills continuing his recent pace and getting into the end zone in this one. 

Mark Ingram, RB
I know, he’s been amazing, but Baltimore is actually #1 against fantasy RBs so far this year. The Saints are also supposed to get Pierre Thomas back this week, which will cut into Ingram’s receiving numbers. 

That wraps things up for week 12. Remember, if you don’t see your guys listed here (or if you DO see your guys here and want to hear what I think about them vs your OTHER guys), tweet me @waiverwagon and I’ll be happy to help! Good luck this week!

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