Happy Thanksgiving, Wagoners! I don’t know what you’re thankful for, but I’m thankful for several things this fantasy season.
Here are a few:
1)The sign-in problems I had on draft day that allowed me to end up with Marshawn Lynch (who I turned into Eddie Lacy a few weeks ago) and Antonio Brown. Neither was on my radar, both have returned huge value and have me sitting in a good position to make the playoffs.
2)The NFL lifting the ban on Josh Gordon. I stashed this guy for 10 weeks and held my breath. It’s already paying off and should be great for the playoff run that I’m hoping to make.
3)Mark Sanchez for not being terrible and therefore allowing me to depend on someone other than Cam Newton for the rest of the season.

Those are my top three reasons to be thankful in fantasy this season. Outside of fantasy (if you don’t mind reading a couple of mushy lines), I’m thankful that God has blessed me with a family to spend the holidays with and the awareness that not everybody has that chance (which keeps me from taking it for granted). Enjoy your time with your families this weekend, folks, and be thankful that you can.

Bears @ Lions

Martellus Bennett, TE
I hate to keep beating this dead unicorn, but he has to break back out at some point with all of the targets he’s been getting. I think he hauls in one of those redzone targets for a score this week.

Jay Cutler, QB
He hasn’t been smoking defenses lately, that’s for sure. The up-and-down QB gets one of the NFL’s best defenses this week and they just got embarrassed by Tom Brady. I fear for Jay Cutler’s well-being.

Matt Stafford, QB
The other up-and-down QB gets a Bears defense that is 28th in the league against fantasy throwers. He’s probably your best QB and the matchup is there.

Joique Bell, RB
Reggie Bush may or may not be back this week and, while Bell could have a decent showing, the Bears are 11th against fantasy RBs and this is an RBBC. **UPDATE: Reggie Bush is OUT. You can start Bell now. 

Eagles @ Cowboys

Mark Sanchez, QB
This should be the most exciting game of the day and may be the one that keeps my Dad from falling asleep in front of the TV immediately after dinner. Sanchez gets a Cowboys D that is 15th in the league against the pass and has an offense that will require points from their opponents to keep up. He’s going to throw a ton.

Zach Ertz, TE
I’ve mentioned it before, but Ertz just isn’t getting it done and there has to be a better option on your waiver wire. Scott Chandler, maybe?

Tony Romo, QB
Boy is this a tasty matchup. The Eagles are 31st in the league against fantasy QBs and Romo has been pretty great for the better part of this season. Stick with him this week.

Terrance Williams, WR
This is the pick that could blow up in my face, but I still feel good about it either way. Williams seems to be slipping in Romo’s progressions and hasn’t found pay dirt in forever. Leave him on the bench/waiver wire.

Seahawks @ 49ers

Steven Hauschka, K
This game is fantasy tryptophan. It should end up something like 16-10 with a Russell Wilson TD pass to someone nobody’s ever heard of and three FGs from Hauschka. *Yawn

Marshawn Lynch, RB
“What? He’s my best running back! Why should I sit Marshawn Lynch?”

Anquan Boldin, WR
I called it last week and the guy blew up. He’s being peppered with targets by Kaepernick and shouldn’t be drawing coverage from Richard Sherman (who will be on Michael Crabtree for many reasons). Keep him in your lineup.

Colin Kaepernick, QB
He’s at home, so that’s nice. But it’s only nice because he’ll have less of a drive to make after getting beaten to death by the Seahawks’ D. Kaep has looked bad lately and may look far worse after this one. Yikes.


And that’s that for Thanksgiving Day football! Eat well and enjoy your time with whoever you spend the day around, even if it’s by yourself. Sometimes solitude is something to be thankful for! As always, if you didn’t see your guys mentioned, tweet your question(s) to me @waiverwagon and I’ll be happy to help! Good luck!

Screen Shot 2014-09-20 at 9.56.05 PM

  1. Scott Ferguson says:

    What are your thoughts on this one: B. Marshall against Lions or J. Matthews against Dallas?? I also have R. White in flex and I’m hesitant on him lately…..


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