Welcome back for round two of week 13! I hope you each had a wonderful Thanksgiving filled with delicious food and heaping servings of fantasy points. Things went pretty well for my Turkey Day Start/Sit column with Marshawn Lynch being the lone missed call. Yeah.
Anyway, here’s how week 13’s remaining games are going to go, based on the way I see it. Good luck!

Chargers @ Ravens

Keenan Allen, WR
We’re on a roll here, Keenan. Allen had a big game last week (which would have been bigger without two fumbles) and he gets a beat up Baltimore secondary this week. Send him out there for what figures to be more fantasy goodness. 

Ryan Mathews, RB
Mathews looked good his last time out, but Baltimore is #1 in fantasy points allowed to RBs so far this season and they’re the home team. I’d start someone else if I had other options. 

Justin Forsett, RB
Fantasy Football’s waiver darling of the year to this point (although, I selfishly hope Odell Beckham, Jr. takes over that title as the season winds down). Forsett has been doing it through the air and on the ground and I expect that to continue this week against a middle-of-the-pack SD defense. 

Joe Flacco, QB
He’s up and down and you can’t really trust the guy anyway, so I’m sitting Flacco this week. SD is in the top 15 in terms of fantasy points allowed (I’m calling it FPA from now on) to QBs and I expect Baltimore to win this one on the ground. 

Browns @ Bills

Josh Gordon, WR
He’s literally the only Cleveland player I trust this week. I expect bad conditions in Buffalo, but I just can’t sit Josh Gordon after seeing 16 targets head his way last weekend. He’s a must start moving forward. 

Andrew Hawkins, WR
Baby Hawk has been pretty fantastic for long stretches this season, but I’m sitting him this week. I just don’t see Cleveland getting much going against that stout Bills pass rush and whatever passes actually get thrown, should be heading in Gordon’s direction. 

Fred Jackson, RB
The Browns are in the bottom 15 in FPA to RBs. Also, this game could have some weather and that makes me think Buffalo may try to control the clock and give Jackson a heavy load. I don’t think we see much committee work in this one. 

Sammy Watkins, WR
Watkins looks to see a lot of Joe Haden this week and he’s hard to trust anyway with Kyle Orton behind Center. If you have other options, or are torn between Watkins and another guy, start another guy. 

Titans @ Texans

Delanie Walker, TE
Walker is healthy again and looked unstoppable in the Philly game. The Texans aren’t surrendering much in terms of FPA to TEs, but Mettenberger loves Walker and should continue to look his way often. 

Bishop Sankey, RB
Because, blah. The Texans are generous to RBs, but I think that will benefit Shonn Greene more so than Sankey this week. Neither one’s going to score, though. Just so we’re clear. 

DeAndre Hopkins, WR
I’m avoiding the obvious start in this game and throwing Hopkins’ name out there because he’s getting Fitzpatrick back. That usually works out for him. 

Ryan Fitzpatrick, QB
See what I did there? There’s no way I’m starting Fitz in his first game back against a team that is top 10 in FPA to QBs. Find someone better on your waiver wire. Zach Mettenberger, perhaps? 

Redskins @ Colts

Alfred Morris, RB
Not really because I love his matchup, but because he’s all they’ve got. That being said, the Colts are bottom 5 in FPA to RBs so I could see him having a good game here. 

Colt McCoy, QB
I’m sure you weren’t thinking about using him anyway, but inevitably there’s someone out there who thinks it might be a good idea. Dear someone out there, it isn’t a good idea. In fact, it’s a very very bad one. You’re welcome. Love, WW.

Dan Herron, RB
Herron got the start over Richardson last week (that didn’t take long) and should get the rock this week as well. Washington is top 5 in FPA to RBs, but I just think that’s because they’re so bad against QBs that nobody tries to run on them. I expect Indy to get up early this week and run this game out with Herron. 

Trent Richardson, RB
The other side of the coin, here. Richardson has been plodding around and dancing behind the line for too long now. I think he’d be a candidate for release, had the Colts not spent so much to get him. 

Giants @ Jaguars

Rashad Jennings, RB
Jacksonville has actually been pretty good up front, but I think Jennings will have a fine game anyway. He’s being heavily targeted for a RB and has looked great since he’s returned to full health. Deploy him as you normally would.

Eli Manning, QB
Jacksonville just made Andrew Luck look pretty pedestrian and I think they’ll do the same to Eli. They sacked Luck multiple times and Eli doesn’t even have an OLine to begin with. Avoid. 

Denard Robinson, RB
I know he looked bad last week and even lost some carries, but Shoelace should bounce back in a big way against this awful New York defense. They’re in the bottom three in the league in FPA to RBs. 

Cecil Shorts, WR
I just don’t see anybody in this Jacksonville passing game being good enough to make you feel decent about putting them in your lineup. Ugh. 

Panthers @ Vikings

Kelvin Benjamin, WR
He’s scored a TD in every road game this season and will get targets all game long. What’s not to love? 

Cam Newton, QB
I know it’s a plus matchup for Cam, but I’m sitting him until I see how he looks coming out of the bye. If he’s healthy, maybe he makes it back into my good graces and carries us all to championships this year. 

Greg Jennings, WR
Carolina is having a tough time stopping anybody from anything this season. Also, the Vikings may be missing two RBs this week and might end up throwing more than usual. I’ll take Jennings as the guy that stands to benefit. 

Matt Asiata, RB
He says he’s going to play Sunday, but I’m not trusting that he’ll be any good if he does. I’m sure you weren’t depending on him this week anyway, but if you were thinking about it, stop. 

Saints @ Steelers

Kenny Stills, WR
Stills looked fantastic last week and looks quite comfortable in his new role with Cooks being out. The Steelers can be had through the air, it’s just a matter of trusting Drew Brees on the road. I think it’s worth a gamble. 

Mark Ingram, RB
Pierre Thomas’s return really hurts Ingram’s value moving forward. It’s pretty obvious that they want PT on the field to be their passing downs back and they’re willing to split the snaps to make that happen. 

Martavis Bryant, WR
The box score says he wasn’t involved last week, but he actually had a chance to score but was under thrown by Big Ben on the play. It’s a gamble, but I’d play him this week if I was desperate. 

Heath Miller, TE
The Saints, with all of their defensive issues, are actually #1 in the league in FPA to TEs. I’d avoid Miller if I had other options. 

Raiders @ Rams

James Jones, WR
He’s hard to trust, but if you need a guy, the Rams are in the bottom 7 in FPA to WRs. So there’s that. 

Mychal Rivera, TE
I just can’t see Oakland being able to do much in this game. Also, St. Louis is top 7 in FPA vs TEs. Sit him.

Tre Mason, RB
I hate recommending someone from a Jeff Fisher backfield, but Mason has earned the carries and he should get them in droves this weekend. 

Kenny Britt, WR
The Raiders don’t do much on defense, but they’re still respectable when it comes to stopping WRs. 

Bengals @ Buccaneers

Jeremy Hill, RB
He’s been on a role, so the timeshare doesn’t really scare me. That, coupled with how bad Tampa is against the run, makes me comfortable with both Cincy RBs. 

Andy Dalton, QB
Tampa is a great matchup and this pick could blow up in my face, but it’s Andy Dalton. I am unafraid. 

Vincent Jackson, WR
Cincy has done a good job against WRs so far, but with most of the focus being on Evans in this one, I could see VJax getting a ton of work in. 

Mike Evans, WR
He’s been amazing lately. I think that stops this weekend. Cincy doesn’t play around against WRs and I think they lock Evans down. 

Cardinals @ Falcons

Andre Ellington, RB
If he’s healthy (and the last I heard, it seems that he is/will be), you HAVE to start him this week against ATL. The Falcons are so generous to fantasy RBs and his only other threat for work is the newly signed Michael Bush. 

Larry Fitzgerald, WR
Fitz is a game-time decision so I’d look elsewhere if you have a respectable option on your bench. 

Levine Toilolo, TE
The Cardinals are great against every position in fantasy, except TEs. If you need a dart throw, here’s your guy. 

Roddy White, WR
I had Julio here (and I don’t feel good about either player), but with Roddy injured and probably limited, I’m sitting him.

Patriots @ Packers

Brandon LaFell, WR
This should be a game where two all-pro QBs are slinging it all over the place. If LaFell starts (he’s been limited this week in practice), get him in your lineup. 

Jonas Gray, RB
The one-week wonder shall continue to ride the pine for my team. I think Blount runs away with this job and Gray doesn’t really get another chance. 

Eddie Lacy, RB
I know, I said they’d be throwing it all over the place, but the good news here for Lacy owners is that he’s been targeted on several of those throws. 

Randall Cobb, WR
I hate to recommend it, but New England has actually done a terrific job against fantasy wideouts this year. Start him if you don’t have anybody else, but if there’s someone you’re considering benching him for, I won’t fault you for it. 

Broncos @ Chiefs

CJ Anderson, RB
100 yards per game for three straight weeks. The Chiefs are also pretty generous against the run. 

Wes Welker, WR
He’s become pretty much irrelevant anyway, but if you’re still considering this guy, please stop. 

Travis Kelce, TE
Kelce has looked like hot garbage for much of this season, but he had himself a pretty great game against Denver several weeks ago and is worth another look in the TE wasteland. 

Jamaal Charles, RB
I know, he’s one of the best in the game, but you have to think Denver will make it a point to shut him out and make KC beat them elsewhere. 

Dolphins @ Jets

Ryan Tannehill, QB
In this week’s edition of “Which QB is playing the Jets?”, it’s Ryan Tannehill. And you should start him. 

Lamar Miller, RB
In this week’s edition of “Which RB is playing the Jets?”, it’s Lamar Miller. And you should sit him. 

Chris Ivory, RB
This isn’t a horrible matchup for Ivory, but I still don’t love it. However, if you’ve been counting on him to this point and you don’t have anything else, I’d throw him in there and pray. 

Geno Smith, QB
Apparently he’s starting this week. The race to the #1 pick is on! Whatcha got, Oakland and Jacksonville? Can you start a QB worse than Geno Smith? Trick question. There isn’t one. 

That’s it, Wagoners! I wish you each the best of luck this week and I look forward to answering your Start/Sit tweets. Remember, if you don’t see your players listed here, or if you do and you want to see what I think about them compared to your other guys, tweet me @waiverwagon and I’ll see what I can do to get you into the playoffs.

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