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Week 16 is the championship week in most civilized leagues (mine is not included), so it’s all or nothing this week. Because of this, I guarantee that my recommendations this week will be as accurate as possible! DISCLAIMER: It is (as of this writing) impossible to predict the future. So, you know, do with that information what you will. Let’s move along.. (more…)


A four day week of football, you say? Merry Christmas, I say. With last night’s yawn-fest out of the way, we are now treated with two games that feature players that we all actually own! Much excite! (more…)

Welcome back, Wagoners! Here’s hoping you’ve advanced to your championship game and have made it there (at least in part) due to the recommendations I’ve made this season either here or on Twitter. Whether that’s the reason you’ve made it this far or not, you’re here now and I’ve got a couple of thoughts about tonight’s hideous matchup for you. As usual, if you don’t see you’re guys (and I hope for your sake that you don’t), hit me up on Twitter @waiverwagon for help! (more…)

Wagoners! Now is the time for the toughest lineup decisions and most agonizing tinkering sessions we’ve had in 14 weeks. I will do my best to guide you through the madness today, all-the-while obsessing over lineup decisions of my own. Today’s post is full of gut-picks only. Obviously, I’ve fact-checked all season long, but sometimes facts don’t tell the whole story (like in message board debates). Read on, good luck, and STOP TINKERING! (more…)

Welcome back, Wagoners! I sincerely hope that, if you’re reading this, you either a) Had a 1st round bye, b) Play in a goofy 17-week league (like I do, ugh), c) Advanced to round two in your playoffs because of my advice, or d) Genuinely enjoy my insights and comedy/sarcasm. Any of the above reasons will suffice. Now let’s talk about tonight’s matchup between two sound defensive units with QB issues.


Welcome back for today’s playoff edition of Start/Sit. I hope you’ve got good matchups this week and I hope you didn’t face DeMarco Murray Thursday night. If you did, I hope you’re in more than one league and made the playoffs in that one, too. If so, read along to see how I feel about your chances of winning that one.  (more…)

It’s playoff time! I hope that, if you’re reading this, you’re either headed into your league’s playoffs or you just really enjoy sarcasm and the occasional correct prediction! Either way, I’m glad you’ve chosen to check out my website and I hope I can help you make that crucial lineup call that helps you advance one step closer to digital greatness. As always, if you don’t see your guys, tweet @waiverwagon and I’ll help you from there. Good luck!