Start/Sit Week 16 – TNF edition

Posted: December 18, 2014 in Start/Sit
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Welcome back, Wagoners! Here’s hoping you’ve advanced to your championship game and have made it there (at least in part) due to the recommendations I’ve made this season either here or on Twitter. Whether that’s the reason you’ve made it this far or not, you’re here now and I’ve got a couple of thoughts about tonight’s hideous matchup for you. As usual, if you don’t see you’re guys (and I hope for your sake that you don’t), hit me up on Twitter @waiverwagon for help!

Titans @ Jaguars

Nate Washington, WR
Washington has stepped into a significant role in Tennessee’s offense and will likely be leaned on by Whitehurst. This is especially true if Delanie Walker sits.

Delanie Walker, TE
Speaking of “Delanie Walker sits,” you should keep an eye on the injury updates today as the last one I read had Walker holding on to a Questionable tag. I’m not sure what about the tag was Questionable, but Walker was seen clutching it like a child with a Teddy Bear.

Toby Gerhart, RB
It has been widely discussed that the Titans offer the tastiest matchup to any RB in football. If Gerhart wants to re-establish himself in any way, he’ll snatch that Teddy Bear from Delanie Walker and run all over Tennessee with it.

Blake Bortles, QB
I really thought he might be decent this year. That’s what folks in this industry refer to as a missed call. As it pertains to this week, I’m not expecting a shootout, nor am I expecting much passing. Leave Bortles on the wire. Unless of course you’re a Jay Cutler owner. In which case, I’m deeply sorry for your tragic loss.



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