Week 16 Start/Sit – Saturday Night

Posted: December 19, 2014 in Start/Sit
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A four day week of football, you say? Merry Christmas, I say. With last night’s yawn-fest out of the way, we are now treated with two games that feature players that we all actually own! Much excite!

Eagles @ Redskins

Mark Sanchez, QB
Here we go again, Sanchise. I know you’re scared to go back to the well, but what else do we have at this point? You don’t have a QB, and neither do I. Let’s go down with this ship together and start him against the friendliest pass defense in the history of anything. *Holds Breath*
LeSean McCoy, RB
Why do you have to be so Shady, LeSean? What Washington lacks in pass D, they more than compensate for in run D. He had 22 yards on 19 carries in the last matchup. I’ll pass on equally mediocre results this week.

DeSean Jackson, WR
DJax seems to play well in revenge games against Philly and he gets RGIII back this week against an awful secondary. I’m expecting a few deep shots here in a game Washington will probably (hopefully) be trailing for most (all) of.
Robert Griffin III, QB
I just can’t see a great game here from a guy that hasn’t played well all season and against a defense that can scheme, sack, and force turnovers. Find a better option if you can. It shouldn’t be super difficult.

Chargers @ 49ers

Antonio Gates, TE
I don’t like the players for either team in the matchup, if we’re being honest here. However, I think if someone scores this week for SD, it’ll be Gates.
Branden Oliver, RB
San Fran is down a LB or two, but they’re still a tough group at home. Oliver may or may not get the start and I just can’t trust a maybe at this point.

Anquan Boldin, WR
But I don’t feel great about it. Boldin has been up and down but he’s kinda all they’ve got so..
Frank Gore, RB
He might play, he might not. It doesn’t look good. He doesn’t look good. I’ll pass.

Don’t see your players? You know the drill. Hit me up on your Twitter machine @waiverwagon. Now accepting screenshots for lineup optimization. Good luck!



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