Week 16 is the championship week in most civilized leagues (mine is not included), so it’s all or nothing this week. Because of this, I guarantee that my recommendations this week will be as accurate as possible! DISCLAIMER: It is (as of this writing) impossible to predict the future. So, you know, do with that information what you will. Let’s move along..

Browns @ Panthers

Josh Gordon, WR
I don’t feel great about recommending this guy, but he’s bound to break out at some point and this game feels like the right time to do it. Carolina has sharpened their skills lately on defense, but I think they’re safeties are still just leaky enough to allow a big play to Gordon. If Johnny Football can see him, that is. 

Isaiah Crowell, RB
I think I just mentioned that Carolina’s defense has gotten much better lately. *Reads above* Yup. Carolina may be susceptible to a deep ball now and again, but that front seven is just as stout as ever. I’d avoid the Crow.

Jonathan Stewart, RB
Stewie looks to be the lead dog again this week and I expect him to capitalize against a weak Browns D. Carolina may want to protect Cam Newton as much as possible and should therefore pound the ball as much as possible with Stewart. Enjoy the ride. 

Cam Newton, QB
I know he’s back and starting this week, but I think that’s only because of the playoff implications of this game. I don’t know that he’s 100% healthy and even if they say he is, I think the game plan will be very conservative and he’ll stay in the pocket and overthrow some dudes. 

Lions @ Bears

Joique Bell, RB
This should not come as a surprise to you. Bell has been a beast lately and Chicago has given up on this season. I look for Bell to tote it early and often. 

The Bears are the worst at everything.

Martellus Bennett, TE
Jimmy Clausen is getting the start in this one. He doesn’t have a big arm and will be used in a dink and dunk fashion. This bodes well for Bennett.

Matt Forte, RB
I think I mentioned that the Bears have given up on this season. *Reads above* Yup. Oh, and Detroit is awesome against the run. Bench him if you have other options. 

Ravens @ Texans

Justin Forsett, RB
This should be a good game for Forsett against a Texans D that should be on the field a lot this week, given their QB situation. I would expect a heavy and consistent load. 

Steve Smith, Sr., WR
Smitty just isn’t getting it done any more. He faded fast this year and I just don’t know that he has the same spark at this point. Call it a hunch. 

Andre Johnson, WR
DeAndre Hopkins is questionable this week after missing practices. If he misses this game, Andre gets a shot at a putrid Baltimore secondary. The only downside is his QB situation is murky at best. I still like the target potential, though. 

Arian Foster, RB
The Ravens have the #1 defense in terms of fantasy points allowed to RBs. As much as I think they’ll lean on Foster this week, I just don’t know that it will do them any good. 

Vikings @ Dolphins

Matt Asiata, RB
The Dolphins are pretty middle-of-the-pack in all facets this season. I can’t guarantee that Asiata has a big yardage game, but I think he scores once or twice. 

Greg Jennings, WR
The Dolphins are decent against WRs and I think Charles Johnson is Teddy’s #1 at this point anyway. 

Lamar Miller, RB
The Vikings have been quite generous to fantasy RBs this season and I don’t expect that to change much this weekend. Also, Minny is pretty good against the pass, so look for Miami to try to counter that with a run-heavy game plan. 

Ryan Tannehill, QB
Remember about Minnesota being good against the pass? That’s because they sack guys and play good coverage. I’d avoid Tannehill this weekend if I could. 

Falcons @ Saints

Steven Jackson, RB
Although I expect plenty of passing in this game, I also think SJax lumbers his way into the end zone at some point. I’d play him and look for around 75 and a score. 

Julio Jones, WR
I just can’t see him playing effectively. He’s missed practice and, if he does suit up, I think he’s a decoy again (Fool me once!).

Marques Colston, WR
This guy has really turned back the clock lately. Colston just keeps finding ways to get into the end zone and, against Atlanta’s awful secondary, I don’t see that being a problem again this week. 

Nick Toon, WR
I know, it’s a weird sit. The thing is, I believe he’s getting out-snapped by Kenny Stills now and I think the Saints will want to go back to Jimmy Graham this week with so much on the line anyway. 

Patriots @ Jets

Brandon LaFell, WR
Julian Edleman is out for this game and LaFell stands to benefit from extra targets against one of the worst secondary units in the game this year. 

LeGarrette Blount, RB
Blount has been ruled out this week as well. Obviously you’ll need a backup plan.

Chris Ivory, RB
The Patriots aren’t giving up much, but maybe Ivory breaks through. Also, I’m calling an upset. 

Geno Smith, QB
Because gross. 

Chiefs @ Steelers

Albert Wilson, WR
This kid is starting to see some targets and Pittsburgh doesn’t understand pass coverage. Pick him up and start him if you don’t have any other options. 

Jamaal Charles, RB
The Steelers have been much better against the run lately and Charles got his bell rung last week and had to come out of the game. I think Andy Reid plays it safe this week and Charles doesn’t get the volume necessary to produce. 

La’Veon Bell, RB
Obvious start of the week, I know. It’s just that the Chiefs have been getting gashed in terms of YPC lately and Bell should have a monumental game against them. 

Martavis Bryant, WR
I can’t trust him this week against the Chiefs #11 defense against WRs. They should have their hands full with Antonio Brown, but I don’t think that’ll help enough to make Bryant relevant. 

Packers @ Buccaneers

Eddie Lacy, RB
I know there are reports of a time share and some sort of contact lens injury, but let’s not get crazy here. You’re starting Eddie Lacy. 

I just can’t recommend it without sounding crazy. 

Vincent Jackson, WR
VJax should be in line for a decent outing assuming the defensive attention should be on his counterpart, Mike Evans. Maybe Vincent finds the end zone too! 

Doug Martin, RB
I know his final line against the Panthers was really good, but really it was one big run that got him there. Green Bay has a bad run defense, yes, but I don’t think that matters much in this one. 

Giants @ Rams

Odell Beckham, Jr., WR
Just in case some crazy person out there was considering sitting him because of the matchup. Don’t. 

Eli Manning, QB
Even though Beckham will continue to produce, 150 yards and 1 TD doesn’t look nearly as good on a QB as it does on the WR.

Tre Mason, RB
The Giants are awful against the run and Mason has been good at home. I like him in a big way this week. Not like, Oakland big, but pretty frigging big. 

Stedman Bailey, WR
This is less about the player and more about the situation. I think this is a run-first game plan and the Giants also do a good job against WRs in fantasy.  

Colts @ Cowboys

Donte Moncrief, WR
I hate recommending him in your championship week, but if your options are slim, I wouldn’t hesitate to throw Donte in your lineup this week. T.Y. Hilton has a bum hammy and Reggie Wayne has a torn triceps. Donte should show up big. 

T.Y. Hilton, WR
As I mentioned seconds ago (or minutes, for those of you that read a bit more slowly), Hilton is banged up and I’m not expecting much out of him this week. 

Cole Beasley, WR
He’s a consistent little fella lately and that cannot be overlooked. I think he has emerged as Dallas’s #2 WR and I expect Dez to be dealing with Vontae Davis in this one. Give Beasley a look if you’re thin at WR.

DeMarco Murray, RB
*GASP* I know! I think he plays, but with Philly having lost tonight, I’m not so sure Dallas will lean on Murray the way they had been up until now. 

Bills @ Raiders

Fred Jackson, RB
And don’t look back. I know Spiller was activated this week, but I think that means more to Anthony Dixon/Bryce Brown than it does Fred. look for 20 more carries this weekend and maybe even a score this time!

Sammy Watkins, WR
Oakland, for as bad as they’ve been this year, actually seems to give WRs a hard time in the passing game. It may also be that those stats are skewed because people are just running all over them. Dah. 

Latavius Murray, RB
Murray didn’t do much against KC on the ground, but he only got 12 carries. I think he handles a bigger load this week and does a little bit of damage. Just a little big, though. Let’s not get crazy here. 

Derek Carr, QB
I doubt you were counting on him anyway, but if you are, please find someone else on the wire this week. I can’t even suggest who.. Case Keenum?? 

Seahawks @ Cardinals

Marshawn Lynch, RB
Because he is the Seattle offense. I like Russell Wilson, too. I just don’t like him this week. 

Russell Wilson, QB
I’ve got a funny feeling that Arizona will frustrate Wilson with different types of blitzes and keep him off of his game this week. It’s a hunch, I’m sorry. 


Double Woof. (Woof Woof). 

Broncos @ Bengals

C.J. Anderson, RB
Cincy is great at getting beaten on (and into) the ground. CJ has been fantastic this year and I think Denver will continue to use him in a big way this week. 

Peyton Manning, QB
I just don’t know how you can trust him with the last few performances he’s put up. I know he was sick in one of them, but geez, it’s been ugly. 

Andy Dalton, QB
I can’t believe I’m recommending this guy just moments after I told you to bench Peyton Manning. What planet is this? Anyway, Denver has not been great defending QBs due to leading in games a lot and allowing garbage time production. 

Jeremy Hill, RB
Denver is #4 overall against fantasy RBs this season and I don’t expect that to change, even in this matchup. Hill has been great and is probably too good to sit, but if you are in a situation where you’re on the fence, go with the other guy. 

Alright, I think you’ve had enough. Hopefully you can use some of this to your advantage this week, at least. If you find that some of these calls worked out for you, hit me up on Twitter and let me know! Also, if you don’t see your guys mentioned here, tweet to me @waiveragon and let me help you make those tough lineup decisions. Good luck!


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