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1. Josh Donaldson, Blue Jays
Lots of folks (or at least several.. some?) are caught up on the fact that the great Billy Beane shipped a fantastic young 3B out of Oakland for what many agree was less than he could have gotten. Don’t read too much into that, this is going to be your #1 fantasy 3B by season’s end. 

2. Edwin Encarnacion, Blue Jays
I almost didn’t put him here because I don’t like to rank players twice at multiple positions, but I did it so that you’d have an idea about where I’d want him in my lineup if I’m drafting him. Here’s a hint: Third base. Look for bombs and questionable health. But mostly bombs. 

3. Anthony Rendon, Nationals
Rendon is everybody’s favorite everything this year. But seriously, check out that 2B/3B eligibility. I like him more as a 2B, but I certainly don’t mind slotting him into my hot corner either. Wait. *Stares into space* Where were we? Oh yeah, Rendon is a good professional baseball player and you should draft him. 

4. Todd Frazier, Reds
Frazier the Amazier! That’s a phrase now, and you have my permission to use it. Seriously, what got into this guy in 2014? 29 jacks and 20 steals? What the what? While I don’t see his steals being quite that high, I think his HR total could actually climb a touch. I will be targeting him heavily this year. 

5. Nolan Arenado, Rockies
I want to like Arenado more, I really do. Those splits, though. Nolan was a much better hitter at home (predictably), and he also missed a bit of time last year with a broken finger. I expect him to endure a few sophomore struggles, but nothing that Coors can’t fix.

6. Kyle Seager, Mariners
This guy won me my league last year. I had 3B issues and there was Kyle Seager, slumping just hard enough for someone to drop him. I scooped him up, he literally (2) caught fire, and I won it all. Thanks Kyle, now could you drop your ADP a touch so we can do it again?

7. Adrian Beltre, Rangers
I was torn about ranking Beltre here. I don’t necessarily believe he’s what he once was, but I don’t have much evidence to back it up. I’ve seen some places that list him as their #1, so maybe somebody knows more than I do about him. If he stays healthy and gets the ABs, I think he’ll produce and maybe give you 25 HRs? You could do much worse than that.

8. Evan Longoria, Rays
Longo has long(o) been one of my favorite baseball players. Despite the fact that I’ve owned him several times in fantasy. I won’t be continuing that trend this year, however, due to how boring last season must have been for his owners and the fact that he has zero help in the lineup this year. He’ll give you decent numbers, but don’t expect more than last year and prepare for quite a bit less. 

9. Chris Davis, Orioles
Focus, please. Lend me your undivided attention. Chris Davis was suspended last season for unapproved Adderal usage and prior to that, he couldn’t hit a baseball to save his life. However, he has submitted the necessary paperwork this season, and will be back on the drug. I don’t know how that impacts his personal life (and I wish him the best, sincerely), but gosh I hope it helps him hit the baseball again. This is my favorite sleeper of the draft this year. 

10. Carlos Santana, Indians
Carlos Santana was a source of immense frustration for me last year. “He’s going to be in the lineup everyday!” They said. “He’s got positional eligibility!” They said. “HE CAN’T HIT HIS WAY OUT OF A PAPER BAG. DROPPED.” I said, regrettably. Don’t get me wrong, I didn’t regret it when I dropped him. I regretted it 1.5 weeks later when he started hitting everything out of the park. Oy. 

2015 Shortstop Rankings



Screen Shot 2014-09-20 at 9.56.05 PM


With just a few days until Pitchers and Catchers report, I thought it would be nice to release my 2015 positional rankings (as I see them, of course). I also thought it would be nice to start with the ugliest position and mine for gold. If you mine for gold. Dig? Is it dig for gold or mine? Ah. Don’t get up. I’ll google it. You read on ahead.