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1. Mike Trout, Angels
He’s the consensus #1 pick overall. Mike Trout will win you your league if you surround him with DECENT players. That’s how good this guy is. If you have the #1 pick, we can’t be friends anymore unless you take Trout. 

2. Giancarlo Stanton, Marlins
Stanton is one of the only guys in the game that could hit 40 HRs this year. Think about that for a moment. He’s the most powerful hitter in the game and, if it weren’t for Trout being Superman’s spawn, Stanton would be #1 for me. 

3. Andrew McCutchen, Pirates
Cutch deserves better than I give him credit for. It’s not that I don’t love the guy, and I’d be thrilled to land him in a draft, it’s just that I can’t get over Stanton’s HR potential. Either way, Cutch shouldn’t sink below the 3rd overall player taken off the board in pretty much every single draft. 

4. Carlos Gomez, Brewers
Baby Cargo is the man! He’s developed some consistency these last couple of seasons and I think he puts together another great one in 2015. He’s a no doubt 20/20 guy with 30/30 upside. Take him and enjoy the ride. 

5. Jose Bautista, Blue Jays
Joey Bats is always an injury concern for everybody drafting him, but that power though. While he’s almost guaranteed to miss some time, when he’s on the field, he hits bombs. In fact, two years ago he only played 92 games. He also only hit 27 bombs. 

6. Ryan Braun, Brewers
Braun is back and that’s excellent news for fantasy baseball. He’s had a few health issues and *ahem* performance (?) problems, but hey, when he’s playing, he’s awesome. I think he has a great year and looks like the Braun of old. That’s 92% hunch, 7% things I’ve read, and 3% the green smoothie I had for breakfast. 

7. Adam Jones, Orioles
Baseball’s Mr. Consistency for the last 4 years. He’s a lock for north of .280, 20+ HRs, 80 RBI, and hits in a good spot of what should be a productive lineup. Solid late 1st round pick. 

8. Yasiel Puig, Dodgers
Puig carried lots of teams to championships when he debuted in 2013, which lead to being highly drafted (and slightly disappointing) in 2014. He still hit almost .300 and almost 20 HRs (16) while stealing 11 bases. I’m not sure he’s a 20/20 guy, but he could certainly be a 25/15 guy, which is plenty valuable.

9. Bryce Harper, Nationals
What more can be said about Bryce Harper? The kid’s a natural ball player and has a great power stroke, but a reckless playing style that often puts him in dangerous, DL-inducing situations. He’s worth the risk, but have a backup plan ready in case he hits a wall, literally. 

10. Michael Brantley, Indians
Brantley burst onto the scene last year with an impressive 20/20 season. He hasn’t really been known for power (with 10 [!] being his previous HR max), but he hasn’t been a full time player either. That changed last year and so did his power potential. Sure, some regression is always possible, but I think we see the opposite (in case you’re wondering, that’s PROgression). 

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1. Buster Posey, Giants
If you’re taking a Catcher early, this is your guy. He’s going to get the at-bats and he’s going to drive in the runs. Posey won’t be on any of my teams this year, but that’s not because he isn’t awesome, it’s because he’s too expensive for me and I like some of the other names below his enough to justify passing on him. 

2. Devin Mesoraco, Reds
Mesoraco should be the next Catcher off the board in most drafts, and it’s pretty obvious why: POWER. He’ll hit 25+ HRs at a position where that isn’t very common. 

3. Jonathan Lucroy, Brewers
Lucroy recently suffered a hamstring injury that will keep him out of action for most of the Spring. I wasn’t taking him anyway, but it’s only because I won’t be taking a Catcher early. If you want solid, yet unspectacular numbers across the board, this is probably your best bet. 

4. Evan Gattis, Astros
My personal favorite Catcher this year and the one I will be targeting in every draft I’m in. Gattis won’t kill you in Batting Average (maybe), he’ll be on the field for every game, and he’ll smack at least 25, maybe 30 (40?), HRs and he’ll be OF/1B eligible at some point in the year. 

5. Brian McCann, Yankees
McCann has a long history of being a quality fantasy backstop. Heck, I think at one point the guy was a borderline 1st round pick (although never for me because.. well because that’s crazy). He is in a decline and won’t give you what he used to, but he’s still worth it at the time you’ll be able to get him in drafts. 

6. Carlos Santana, Indians
This guy drove me crazy last year. For about 3 months, he couldn’t do ANYTHING. He rode my bench forever and I finally ended up cutting him. He then went on to hit a million (27) HRs and becoming the bane of my existence, except on someone else’s team this time. 

7. Yan Gomes, Indians
Gomes will serve as Cleveland’s primary backstop this year as Santana moves over to 3B. Gomes is a guy with good pop (20+ HRs) and a solid average who represents quite a bargain in fantasy drafts this year. 

8. Matt Wieters, Orioles
Wieters started last season on a hot streak, only to have his season cut short by injury. It’s anybody’s guess if/how he bounces back, but I think he’ll be fine for where you’re getting him. Just make sure you follow his status closely leading up to Opening Day. 

9. Salvador Perez, Royals
Perez is another guy that can reach the 20 HR plateau, although he’s the least likely of this bunch to do it. Still, he should have solid numbers across the board and again, represents a good return for where you’ll get him. 

10. Russell Martin, Blue Jays
Martin represents a very sneaky late round pick that should bring some power, strong average, and hits in a great lineup in a hitter’s park. Wow. 

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1. Anthony Rendon, Nationals
Wow was this guy awesome last year, and boy oh boy do I think he’ll be even better this year! If taking 2B early is your thing, queue up Rendy and make it happen. 

2. Jose Altuve, Astros
I must let you in on a little secret: I am a Houston Astros fan. WAIT! BEFORE YOU CLOSE YOUR BROWSER AND THROW YOUR LAPTOP OUT THE WINDOW, HEAR ME OUT. I also know a lot about fantasy baseball and I don’t let those two things mix. Third, the Astros might actually be decent this year. Still there? Excellent. Back to Altuve: he won’t be hitting .340 again this year, but I can totally see .300+, with 5-7 bombs and 35+ SBs.

3. Robinson Cano, Mariners
So they moved the fences in at Safeco, did they? Excellent. Did they trade Cano back to New York, too? No? Alright then, color me un-excited. Second base is so tough for me to rank because I just don’t see myself spending the early picks required to get these guys this year. 

4. Ian Kinsler, Tigers
Kinsler looked rejuvenated last year and had the counting stats to back it up. While he’s no longer the 30/30 player that he was that one year in Texas, he’s still plenty capable of being a set-and-forget fantasy second baseman. Except if he gets hurt. And he will. Sigh. 

5. Jason Kipnis, Indians 
Boy did he anger some folks last year. Kipnis looked like the ticket after hitting 17 bombs and swiping 30 bags in 2013, only to completely fall on his face in 2014. I believe in the 2013 version more than the 2014, and I didn’t own him last year, so bitterness won’t influence my decision to take him this year. I think he could return excellent value based on where people are getting him right now. 

6. Brian Dozier, Twins
Dozier is a solid guy to own if you want low batting average, teeny bombs and 20+ steals. He did score 112 runs, though, so if you can stomach the average, he could be a heck of a bargain. 

7. Dee Gordon, Marlins
Confession: I dropped Dee Gordon before the season started last year.  Confession, part 2: I owned Jose Altuve, so I barely noticed. Confession, part 3: I may draft Gordon this year with my eyes closed, while I picture Altuve’s face. 

8. Neil Walker, Pirates
 I don’t just love the guy, but geez, he was really good last year. If he can stay healthy, he should easily outproduce most of the projections people have for him. 

9. Kolten Wong, Cardinals
Here’s a guy I wouldn’t hate to end up with on my squad. Wong missed a few games via demotion/injury, but he has some decent pop and good speed. I wouldn’t be shocked to see 15/20 or better from him this season. You can draft him after people are drafting pitchers to stream, for crying in silence. 

10. Daniel Murphy, Mets
Double-digit HRs and double-digit steals should come easily for Murphy this year. He’s another value pick that won’t blow you away with his big numbers, but will be good enough to stick in your 2B slot and forget about.

2015 First Base Rankings

2015 Shortstop Rankings 

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First base is an interesting position this year. There’s plenty of pop at the top, and several late rounders that you can squint and plug into your lineup. These are the best 10 in my mind.