First base is an interesting position this year. There’s plenty of pop at the top, and several late rounders that you can squint and plug into your lineup. These are the best 10 in my mind.

1. Paul Goldschmidt, Diamondbacks
Paulie G. is the one to own if you have a high pick and want a first baseman. He’s shown power, average, and even speed! He plays in a hitter’s park, and has established a solid track record thus far. Snag him early for 25+ HRs and 15+ SBs. 

2. Jose Abreu, White Sox
He’s got to be one of the strongest hitters in baseball. I have zero evidence to back that up, it’s just that he sends lasers when he squares up on them. I would gladly take Abreu earlier than I should, depending on the type of league I’m playing in. And by that, I mean if it’s a league I want to win.

3. Miguel Cabrera, Tigers
Miggy’s been battling through an injury and may or may not be available for Opening Day. I would be aggravated to take a guy this highly if he’s going to be hurt at the beginning of the season, and if there’s a chance he re-aggravates it later which would simply be too much aggravation. 

4. Jose Bautista, Blue Jays
Joey Bats is another injury risk, but gosh is he worth the gamble. He’s a fantastic HR hitter that plays in a loaded lineup in a great hitter’s park. I was able to get him in the SECOND ROUND of a 12-teamer I drafted in (and it wasn’t even the first pick in the second round! [It was the second]). 

5. Anthony Rizzo, Cubs
A-to-the-Rizzo hits H-to-the-omeruns. That’s why you should draft him. Also because he’ll be on an improved lineup and because the Cubs have already won the 2015 World Series, apparently. 

6. Edwin Encarnacion, Blue Jays
EE has been very consistent with his HR totals for the past three seasons, though he missed several games last year and may miss a few more this year if age starts to catch up with him. It’s a risk you’ll have to take at this point, unfortunately, as he’s the last big-bopping 1B.

7. Todd Frazier, Reds
Todd really showcased some talent last year that has people fired up about drafting him. You should be one of those people. I don’t trust the SB total, but the power seems to be real. I’d put him down for 25+ HRs and maybe a more moderate 10-15 SBs. 

8. Freddie Freeman, Braves
Where has all the lineup go-oh-onnnne?? Yikes. Atlanta’s lineup is.. woof. I’m sorry, Braves fans. I can honestly say I know how you feel, though. I’m an Astros fan and our lineup has looked equally awful. Off topic, I’m sorry again. Freddie should still produce, but I can’t see paying the price for him that you’ll have to pay. 

9. Albert Pujols, Angels
Albert was up to his old tricks last season, after people had all but completely written him off. Here’s the deal, though: I won’t be drafting him anywhere. Say what you will, but at this point in the draft, there will be other options and if you’ve waited this long for a first baseman, wait a bit longer and grab an upside guy like Chris Davis or Brandon Belt. 

10. Prince Fielder, Rangers
Ah.. Prince Fielder. You tried your best to ruin me last season. You were such a promising 1st round pick with your new ballpark and the promise of the Texas heat returning your bat to 35+ HR form. Someone made some promises with their fingers crossed behind their back. Alas, you claim to be fully healthy now and I suppose we can give it another try. 

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