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Hello Wagoners! Thanks for stopping by for some position-by-position waiver wire advice. In my humble opinion, you don’t win your league by drafting well. You win your league by playing the wire well and grabbing players at the first sign of a hot streak, when you’ve got a position that needs an upgrade. This may be common knowledge to each of you, but the good news is that most of you probably won’t even read this and will skip straight to my recommendations. So without further ado…



Daily Fantasy Sports. It seems so easy. “Choose a new lineup each day!” They say. “It’s so easy!” They say. One of those statements is true. I donated some cash to Fanduel when I first started by jumping into big tournaments during football season, only to win a few bucks the first time and lose the rest on the others. Disheartened is the friendliest word I can use to describe how I felt. The experience taught me a valuable lesson, though, and I’m sharing it with you now: Don’t spend more than $5 on one tournament. Yes, smaller tournaments have smaller payouts. However, big tournaments will drain your account quickly no matter how much you think you know about fantasy sports. Alright, now that I’ve soap-boxed you with some unsolicited¬†wisdom, let’s look at some DFS picks for today’s tournaments (which start with the late games). Keep in mind, I’m only highlighting players I like, so you won’t be able to put them all in the same lineup, but you can pick and choose to build a good lineup based on some of these options.¬† (more…)