Daily Fantasy Sports. It seems so easy. “Choose a new lineup each day!” They say. “It’s so easy!” They say. One of those statements is true. I donated some cash to Fanduel when I first started by jumping into big tournaments during football season, only to win a few bucks the first time and lose the rest on the others. Disheartened is the friendliest word I can use to describe how I felt. The experience taught me a valuable lesson, though, and I’m sharing it with you now: Don’t spend more than $5 on one tournament. Yes, smaller tournaments have smaller payouts. However, big tournaments will drain your account quickly no matter how much you think you know about fantasy sports. Alright, now that I’ve soap-boxed you with some unsolicited wisdom, let’s look at some DFS picks for today’s tournaments (which start with the late games). Keep in mind, I’m only highlighting players I like, so you won’t be able to put them all in the same lineup, but you can pick and choose to build a good lineup based on some of these options. 

SP – Madison Bumgarner ($10,500)
MadBum gets the Padres in San Diego. Last year, that would mean something slightly *exagerration alert* more exciting, but it’s still good news this year. He’s an expensive play, but the other SP options are pretty weak and priced as such.
Other (cheaper) options I approve: James Shields ($9200) and Julio Teheran ($9200)

C – Jason Castro ($2600)
Rangers RHP Yovani Gallardo takes the hill against Houston tonight and I’m expecting good things from the Astros. While most of the lineup will be striking out, I expect the left-handed Castro to produce. Also, is it just me or is a guy named Castro PERFECT to play his position for the MLB team in Houston: C-Astro? I’m being weird.
Other options I approve: Russell Martin ($3000) and Derek Norris ($2600)

1B – Anthony Rizzo ($4700)
Rizzo gets to hit in Coors today. That should be all I need to say. He’s an expensive option, but he should be worth it facing a Righty (Kendrick) in a zero-gravity ballpark.
Other (cheaper) options I approve: Prince Fielder ($3800) and Pedro Alvarez ($3500)

2B – Devon Travis ($2500)
Travis is dirt cheap again and I just have to buy in. I can’t imagine him being this cost-effective for long and he’s facing Ubaldo Jimenez. That’s the AL equivalent to facing Kyle K31endrick on the moon.
Other options I approve: DJ LeMahieu ($3100) and Joe Panik ($2400)

3B – Nolan Arenado ($4600)
You’re going to have to spend to get him, but he’s definitely worth it. Once again, he’s hitting in Coors and baseballs don’t stay in that ballpark long.
Other (cheaper) options I approve: Mike Moustakas ($2900) and Cody Asche ($2400)

SS – Jed Lowrie ($2700)
You thought I was going to say Tulo, didn’t you? I like Tulo more, but you’re going to run out of money, people, so pump the brakes. On to Lowrie: he’s been hitting (he’s been the only one in Houston doing so) and he gets Gallardo. I think this is the best SS bargain available.
Other options I approve: Alicides Escobar ($3100) and Andrelton Simmons ($2600) 

OF – Carlos Gonzalez ($4700), Jose Bautista ($4300), and Lorenzo Cain ($3500)
CarGo is a no-brainer here, he’s just really expensive. Bautista is slightly more reasonably priced and is a great bet to hit one out against Ubaldo. Cain has been producing loads of fantasy points per game and is hitting third in a solid lineup.
Other options I approve: Charlie Blackmon ($3700)Alex Rios ($3400), and Michael Taylor ($2500)

And there you have it. These are my favorite players for tonight’s matchups. Again, pick and choose as you wish to create your best lineup(s). Once you’ve finished, give me a follow on Twitter (@waiverwagon) and share your DFS lineups and thoughts! Good luck! 

Screen Shot 2014-09-20 at 9.56.05 PM


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