Hello again, Wagoners! I know I’ve been on hiatus, but sometimes life happens (all the time, scientifically speaking) and progress is slowed. I’m sorry to have left you hanging for so long, but if it makes you feel any better, I’ve had the thought “I should really do a new blog post” at least five or six times since my last post. Feel better? Didn’t think so. Let me try a different route. I just drafted in a 12-team league and just can’t find room on my bench for some of the players I’m about to list for you. Go pick them up so they don’t feel like you’ve felt for the past few months (you know, neglected, unwanted, bored, and/or totally indifferent). Enjoy!


Starting Pitcher:

Matt Moore (TB) – Matty has frustrated me at different times in his career to this point, but for some reason, I’m back for more. Actually, for this reason: 10.1 IP, 11 K, 1.74 ERA, 0.77 WHIP. I know those are Spring Training stats, but take what you can get at this point, good people. Also, go pick up Matt Moore if you want to roll the dice on a guy who could end up being a top 20-25 SP this season.
Also consider: Juan Nicasio (PIT), Hector Santiago (LAA), Aaron Nola (PHI).

Relief Pitcher:

Jeremy Jeffress (MIL) – JJ had a hamstring issue early on in Spring Training, but since he’s been back, he’s thrown three scoreless innings and has looked quite good doing it. The other reason I’m recommending him is that Will Smith, the guy the Brewers seemed to be leaning towards tore his LCL, and JJ has a chance to be – dare I say – dynamite.
Also consider: Alex Colome (TB), Luke Gregerson (HOU), Sam Dyson (TEX).


JT Realmuto (MIA) – JT is a guy who’s still flying under the radar for whatever reason and needs to be owned if you ignored Catcher in your fantasy drafts (and let’s be honest, plenty of us do). Catcher is a position that reminds me a lot of Kickers in fantasy football, you just grab someone random, plug them in, and hope for the best. Also, JT has wheels and may end up swiping double digit bags. I’ll take that out of my fantasy kicker Catcher.
Also consider: Not having a Catcher at all.

First Base:

Pedro Alvarez (BAL) – In a world where election options are reminiscent of those available in the movie Idiocracy, fantasy baseball gives us the chance to get away from that sad reality and cast our ballot for a true underdog. Alvarez will not hit for average, but he is going to give you 25+ HRs, he’s hitting in a very good Baltimore lineup now, and most importantly of all, he costs you nothing. Go make your voice heard. Go vote for Pedro (Alvarez).
Also consider: AJ Reed (HOU), Logan Forsythe (TB).

Second Base:

Devon Travis (TOR) – Seriously, I beg you to go pick this man up right now. Then come back here and read as I plead with you further in case you’re having second thoughts. Travis stormed onto the scene in Toronto last year and hit .304 with 8 HRs and 35 RBI in only 62 games. Extrapolate that out to 162 games and you have: more HRs and RBI than that. I beg you, no more second thoughts, go drop that 37-year-old guy you’re hoping to get a bounce back season from and pick up Devon Travis.
Also consider: Joe Panik (SF), Wilmer Flores (NYM), Cesar Hernandez (PHI).

Third Base:

Marwin Gonzalez (HOU) – I was torn between a few players here, but ultimately, I went with the one having a great Spring, who I think will get ABs all over the field, and is a guy you can plug in literally every position in your lineup (Except SP, RP, or P. Don’t be silly.). [Also, please forgive my punctuation. Things got out of hand much faster than I expected].
Anyways, Mar-Go (as I affectionately refer to him [though he’s probably unaware {unless he reads my blog Hi Mar-Go!}]) is hitting the cover off of the ball this Spring and figures to get plenty of time in a very strong Houston Astro lineup this season.
Also consider: Luis Valbuena (HOU), Nick Castellanos (DET), Trevor Plouffe (MIN).


Eugenio Suarez (CIN) – Another guy who’s having a great Spring is Eugenio (Ay-yoo-hey-nee-oh, I think) Suarez (Swar-ez). I provided pronunciation there because this is a full-service blog and if you’re going to brag to your friends about sweet pickups you made and reference this site (please do that, by the way), I want you to sound like the genius that you are, and not the guy who reads my site, mispronounces names, then tells his friends it’s my fault. Gah, tangents, sorry. Where was I? Oh yeah, Shortstop is actually pretty deep this year, maybe, and this guy can/will hit over .265 and 20 HRs. You could use that production.
Also consider: Trevor Story (COL), Erick Aybar (ATL).


Wil Myers (SD) – Wil Myers is a guy that many of us once had very high hopes for. Wil Myers is also once a guy that burned many of us very deeply and didn’t seem to care. Wil Myers won’t return your phone calls. On a positive note, Wil Myers is healthy and playing 1B this season for the Padres. I don’t love that he’s in San Diego, but the kid can hit and should be plenty productive enough to earn a spot on your bench and maybe even in your lineup (if that 37-year-old you refuse to drop for Devon Travis doesn’t produce and let’s be honest, he won’t).
Also consider: Michael Taylor (WAS), Delino DeShields (TEX).


And there we have it, folks. I hope you found this list helpful and if not, then maybe just humorous, and if not, tell your friends about it anyway. Maybe they’re less dense and will understand my high-brow comedy. Don’t forget to subscribe for email updates and send me your questions/complaints on Twitter: @waiverwagon

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