NBA Waiver Claims – How could you be so Harkless?

Posted: January 7, 2017 in Waiver Wire
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Welcome back, Wagoners! It’s been a while, I know, and I’m only kind of sorry. You see, 2016 was an incredible year for me, so my time away from this blog has been spent on many exiting and life-changing things. The biggest, brightest, and best of those things was the birth of my son. Without going into too much mushy detail, kids are awesome and you should have one. Now let’s talk fantasy basketball waiver claims while my son works on in his jumper…

PG – T.J. McConnell (15% owned*)
Minutes and dimes, baby. That’s what T.J.’s been getting. In last night’s contest, dude dropped 17 assists in 37 minutes. In his last three games, he’s averaged 36 minutes and 11 assists per game. Decent. Be aware that he may just as quickly lose minutes when Sergio Rodriguez returns from his ankle injury, but in the meantime: come for the hotness, stay for the upside.

SG – Malcolm Brogdon (52% owned)
Brogdor has not been terrible, people. Wally-Pipping Taking over for Matthew Dellavedova, Brogdon has been holding his own for the past week and is giving you help in several categories, namely points (~12), rebounds (~6), and assists (~7.5). Obviously we’re all interested in what happens when Delly returns, but for all of us who are interested, count me as one of us that isn’t worried. Pick him up.

SF – Maurice Harkless (54% owned)
Ah, Maurice.. I added you as a streamer and now I just can’t let you go. He’s been a multi-category producer for weeks now, and doesn’t hurt you anywhere but FT percentage (~69%). Lately he’s been popping a three per game, almost two swipes, and almost two swats. Did I mention double-digit points? I love this guy.

PF – James Johnson (49% owned)
Jimmy Johns(on) has been delivering, and quite quickly, I might add. I grabbed him (speculatively) a week ago, patted myself on the back after he had a nice game, then felt down-right prophetic when Winslow went down for the year. JJ has been absolutely DYNAMITE (I’m sorry) for over a week now and is averaging 3.3 treys, 18 points, 6 boards, 3 dimes, one swipe, and almost two swats. You need that in your lineup.

C – Willie Reed (10% owned)
Willis Willie Reed has been incredible in Hassan Whiteside’s absence and has seemingly earned more minutes even after Whiteside returns, based on what Eric Spoelstra was saying about moving parts on his team this morning. Reed, when given minutes, put up 22 points and double-digit boards, to go along with 2 or more blocks in two-out-of-three games that he’s started. I’d grab him just to see what transpires when Whiteside comes back.

*Ownership percentages according to Yahoo! as of 01/07/17

Alright, good people, that’s it for today’s edition. Time to help the boy work on his dribbling (and also my repertoire of Dad-puns). Be good to each other and we’ll talk soon.   -WW

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