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Hello again, Wagoners! I know I’ve been on hiatus, but sometimes life happens (all the time, scientifically speaking) and progress is slowed. I’m sorry to have left you hanging for so long, but if it makes you feel any better, I’ve had the thought “I should really do a new blog post” at least five or six times since my last post. Feel better? Didn’t think so. Let me try a different route. I just drafted in a 12-team league and just can’t find room on my bench for some of the players I’m about to list for you. Go pick them up so they don’t feel like you’ve felt for the past few months (you know, neglected, unwanted, bored, and/or totally indifferent). Enjoy!




Daily Fantasy Sports. It seems so easy. “Choose a new lineup each day!” They say. “It’s so easy!” They say. One of those statements is true. I donated some cash to Fanduel when I first started by jumping into big tournaments during football season, only to win a few bucks the first time and lose the rest on the others. Disheartened is the friendliest word I can use to describe how I felt. The experience taught me a valuable lesson, though, and I’m sharing it with you now: Don’t spend more than $5 on one tournament. Yes, smaller tournaments have smaller payouts. However, big tournaments will drain your account quickly no matter how much you think you know about fantasy sports. Alright, now that I’ve soap-boxed you with some unsolicited wisdom, let’s look at some DFS picks for today’s tournaments (which start with the late games). Keep in mind, I’m only highlighting players I like, so you won’t be able to put them all in the same lineup, but you can pick and choose to build a good lineup based on some of these options.  (more…)

Fantasy Baseball: Top 25 Hitters

Posted: January 22, 2015 in Uncategorized

Greetings, Wagoners! It’s 2015 and Non-DFS Fantasy Football season is (and has been for a couple of weeks) officially over. I don’t know about you, but I’m already thinking about baseball. I’m in a Fantasy Basketball league, too, so I’m not unaware that there’s a season going on there, but I haven’t broadcasted any advice about it because I honestly just don’t dig as deeply into the NBA as I do the other two major leagues. That being said, I’m tied for 1st in my basketball league, so I must be doing something right. [Side note: Kobe, you were killing me. Thanks, though, for teaming up with Derrick Rose and turning into James Harden.] So, without further ado, I bring to you my initial 2015 Fantasy Baseball rankings. Okay, just a bit of further ado, I’m doing hitters only at this point. I hate drafting pitchers because I stream starting pitching all season long and rarely keep guys on my roster that aren’t closers. If you have any pitching questions, tweet them to me @waiverwagon and I’ll throw a solid guess your way!  (more…)

Week 16 is the championship week in most civilized leagues (mine is not included), so it’s all or nothing this week. Because of this, I guarantee that my recommendations this week will be as accurate as possible! DISCLAIMER: It is (as of this writing) impossible to predict the future. So, you know, do with that information what you will. Let’s move along.. (more…)

Welcome back for today’s playoff edition of Start/Sit. I hope you’ve got good matchups this week and I hope you didn’t face DeMarco Murray Thursday night. If you did, I hope you’re in more than one league and made the playoffs in that one, too. If so, read along to see how I feel about your chances of winning that one.  (more…)

Happy Thanksgiving, Wagoners! I don’t know what you’re thankful for, but I’m thankful for several things this fantasy season.
Here are a few:
1)The sign-in problems I had on draft day that allowed me to end up with Marshawn Lynch (who I turned into Eddie Lacy a few weeks ago) and Antonio Brown. Neither was on my radar, both have returned huge value and have me sitting in a good position to make the playoffs.
2)The NFL lifting the ban on Josh Gordon. I stashed this guy for 10 weeks and held my breath. It’s already paying off and should be great for the playoff run that I’m hoping to make.
3)Mark Sanchez for not being terrible and therefore allowing me to depend on someone other than Cam Newton for the rest of the season.

Those are my top three reasons to be thankful in fantasy this season. Outside of fantasy (if you don’t mind reading a couple of mushy lines), I’m thankful that God has blessed me with a family to spend the holidays with and the awareness that not everybody has that chance (which keeps me from taking it for granted). Enjoy your time with your families this weekend, folks, and be thankful that you can. (more…)

First of all, congratulations Oakland Raiders for your TNF upset! It’s the second biggest upset of the season (with the biggest upset obviously coming from the Latavius Murray owners who left him on their bench). I told you to bench DMC, I mentioned Murray being one of my primary reasons, but I certainly couldn’t have predicted that sort of outburst of fantasy goodness. Unfortunately, it appears as though Murray may have gotten a concussion in the contest so we may not hear much more out of him this season, depending on the severity. Moving on, let’s take a look at what’s left of Week 12 of our fantasy season. (more…)