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Hello Wagoners! Thanks for stopping by for some position-by-position waiver wire advice. In my humble opinion, you don’t win your league by drafting well. You win your league by playing the wire well and grabbing players at the first sign of a hot streak, when you’ve got a position that needs an upgrade. This may be common knowledge to each of you, but the good news is that most of you probably won’t even read this and will skip straight to my recommendations. So without further ado…



Waiver Wire – Week 4

Posted: September 22, 2014 in Waiver Wire Week 4

Fantasy sports championships are often decided by those who frequently visit their league’s waiver wire and drop some sweet, sweet FAAB.¬†– Abraham Lincoln

It just doesn’t get any more honest than that, folks. You’re welcome for the history lesson. Keep reading for a future lesson or three. This week I’m¬†looking at some players who showed out during week 3 and should be available in your league, and others who qualify for a grab and stash as they wait for their time to shine.

All percentages are based on Yahoo! ownership.
FAAB figures are based on a $100 budget.
All opinions are my own and roughly 78% unfounded.
All quotes are 98% fabricated.
57% of all statistics were made up instantaneously.

Now let’s get started. (more…)