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You guys, funny story. I play in a 16-team league (my only league this year) and we use FAAB for our waiver system. *HAHAHA* That’s not the funny part. Or if it is, keep reading, because you’re an easy crowd and this seems promising. This past Wednesday, when waivers cleared, I woke up to find that I was the proud owner of a brand new shiny RB by the name of Matt Jones. I laughed at my league for not outbidding my $32. I was very pleased.  So pleased, in fact, that I made a waiver-claim-win-induced decision to place my new claim directly into my lineup for the week. A TNF blowout, goal line fumble, and 3.20 fantasy points later and the joke is complete, only now my league mates are the ones laughing (and you, of course, if your earlier chuckles were any indication). Anyhoo, now that you understand I am definitely losing this week, take some advice and let’s see if I can bring you down with me help you avoid a similar fate…. (more…)


Welcome back, Wagoners! Here’s hoping you’ve advanced to your championship game and have made it there (at least in part) due to the recommendations I’ve made this season either here or on Twitter. Whether that’s the reason you’ve made it this far or not, you’re here now and I’ve got a couple of thoughts about tonight’s hideous matchup for you. As usual, if you don’t see you’re guys (and I hope for your sake that you don’t), hit me up on Twitter @waiverwagon for help! (more…)