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You guys, funny story. I play in a 16-team league (my only league this year) and we use FAAB for our waiver system. *HAHAHA* That’s not the funny part. Or if it is, keep reading, because you’re an easy crowd and this seems promising. This past Wednesday, when waivers cleared, I woke up to find that I was the proud owner of a brand new shiny RB by the name of Matt Jones. I laughed at my league for not outbidding my $32. I was very pleased.  So pleased, in fact, that I made a waiver-claim-win-induced decision to place my new claim directly into my lineup for the week. A TNF blowout, goal line fumble, and 3.20 fantasy points later and the joke is complete, only now my league mates are the ones laughing (and you, of course, if your earlier chuckles were any indication). Anyhoo, now that you understand I am definitely losing this week, take some advice and let’s see if I can bring you down with me help you avoid a similar fate…. (more…)


Week 16 is the championship week in most civilized leagues (mine is not included), so it’s all or nothing this week. Because of this, I guarantee that my recommendations this week will be as accurate as possible! DISCLAIMER: It is (as of this writing) impossible to predict the future. So, you know, do with that information what you will. Let’s move along.. (more…)

Wagoners! Now is the time for the toughest lineup decisions and most agonizing tinkering sessions we’ve had in 14 weeks. I will do my best to guide you through the madness today, all-the-while obsessing over lineup decisions of my own. Today’s post is full of gut-picks only. Obviously, I’ve fact-checked all season long, but sometimes facts don’t tell the whole story (like in message board debates). Read on, good luck, and STOP TINKERING! (more…)

It’s playoff time! I hope that, if you’re reading this, you’re either headed into your league’s playoffs or you just really enjoy sarcasm and the occasional correct prediction! Either way, I’m glad you’ve chosen to check out my website and I hope I can help you make that crucial lineup call that helps you advance one step closer to digital greatness. As always, if you don’t see your guys, tweet @waiverwagon and I’ll help you from there. Good luck!


Happy Thanksgiving, Wagoners! I don’t know what you’re thankful for, but I’m thankful for several things this fantasy season.
Here are a few:
1)The sign-in problems I had on draft day that allowed me to end up with Marshawn Lynch (who I turned into Eddie Lacy a few weeks ago) and Antonio Brown. Neither was on my radar, both have returned huge value and have me sitting in a good position to make the playoffs.
2)The NFL lifting the ban on Josh Gordon. I stashed this guy for 10 weeks and held my breath. It’s already paying off and should be great for the playoff run that I’m hoping to make.
3)Mark Sanchez for not being terrible and therefore allowing me to depend on someone other than Cam Newton for the rest of the season.

Those are my top three reasons to be thankful in fantasy this season. Outside of fantasy (if you don’t mind reading a couple of mushy lines), I’m thankful that God has blessed me with a family to spend the holidays with and the awareness that not everybody has that chance (which keeps me from taking it for granted). Enjoy your time with your families this weekend, folks, and be thankful that you can. (more…)

First of all, congratulations Oakland Raiders for your TNF upset! It’s the second biggest upset of the season (with the biggest upset obviously coming from the Latavius Murray owners who left him on their bench). I told you to bench DMC, I mentioned Murray being one of my primary reasons, but I certainly couldn’t have predicted that sort of outburst of fantasy goodness. Unfortunately, it appears as though Murray may have gotten a concussion in the contest so we may not hear much more out of him this season, depending on the severity. Moving on, let’s take a look at what’s left of Week 12 of our fantasy season. (more…)